Hello everyone .. I would be flattered to be added ... Sooooooo... Yes I do want to give you an insight on me as I have been befriended by a number of people and that alone is very complimentary...You should know that I am on the downside of a long lasting relationship and it will be complicated to complete but it will happen... We have gone though life together and we will both make sure that are personal differences do not interfere with our children, famlies or friends more than the obvious...We will both move on but it will take time .. I am open to meeting some new people but have already met some, two of which have real meaning .. one in particular... I do not web cam as I am very private in one way and very open in others...Make my living as a writer and have modeled ...

ActionJackson69 ActionJackson69
46-50, M
Dec 28, 2011