I Do Not Want To See Your Junk

I do not want to see anyone's junk
Not in a pan, not in their hands
and definitely not with green eggs 'n ham

I do not want to see anyone's junk
I do not like to see junk in my file
I do not like see junk in any style

I do not want to see anyone's junk
I will not take junk fried or boiled
I will not take junk poached or broiled


I would like to Thank BabzEsq24 for her handy work and her quick wit in helping me with this. ((Babz))
SweetlyLingering SweetlyLingering
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11 Responses Jan 12, 2012

Love it and that is exactly how I feel!

Oh i like green eggs and ham but not junk that they can leave in the trunk.

Don't you show her any junk<br />
Not with zippers,not with *****<br />
Dare not do you dirty punk<br />
Dare not show her your tiny junk<br />
If she sees she may blow chunks<br />
from somebodys scene of junk!!!

LMAO...yes, yes, yes. Thank You

Anything for you my dear...you are very welcome!!!

Thank you my sweets as you are as well!!!!

lol.. clever way of dealing with all the impromptus.. not keen on it either hehe..

Thanks...it's just wrong what people think you want to see, or hear.

...and it's wrong what people try to do to make you see, hear or feel... ei

I don't mind that..but umm..not with their JUNK!! lol


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Love your poem and your philsophy on life!!! ei

Thank you.

AWESOME Post , well said

Thank You.

you are very welcome lets hope it works

Lol awesome!

Thank You.

I just do not understand why anyone would think that a picture of their "junk" could make a good first impression. Well said.

Me either. Thank You.

Dr Seuss, my favorite I have the whole collection of those books for my grown kids..had to divide them between the 2 hahah. Thank you for sharing this loved it :)

Oooo love me some seuss!

gotta have me some suess every now n again

Junk with green egg and ham? LMAO

LOL, Ya never know.