Do Me The Favor...

Let me say first, that I know not every person on EP will actually need these guidelines, but that I have been getting far too many people thinking that their behavior towards me is acceptable. This is my fair warning. :)

  1. I AM 100% REAL - I am a person, with feelings, which I am sure that you have experienced at one point in your life; just because you don't agree with something I have said or posted does NOT give you license to be disrespectful to me. Now you may be thinking that I have disrespected you, but I go to great lengths to be polite to everyone I converse with. I have a tendency to be sarcastic when I answer questions, due to my own shortage of real life humorous occurrences.
  2. I AM NOT HERE FOR CYBERSEX - I don't appreciate perverts and will not suffer them lightly. If this is what you are messaging me about, then I will without a doubt end up blocking you.
  3. NUDE PICTURES - Don't send me yours, you will never see any from me. This should be obvious due to the nature of the statement directly above. If I see nude pictures in your profile, or you attempt to send them to me, I will block and report you. Thanks.
  4. I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A RELATIONSHIP - I'm not interested. I already have the most amazing guy in the world.
  5. I WILL NOT ADD EVERYONE WHO IS MY FAN - I'm sorry, but it's a way for me to weed out the weirdos and the people who I actually have an interest in talking to. If you don't have any EP groups, an avatar or anything else on your profile then I will not add you back. If we have a lot in common, then I will most likely add you as a friend.
  6. I AM NOT INTERESTED IN CONVERTING RELIGIONS - I am not Christian and I'm not interested in being Christian. If you think that saying something scary about eternal hellfire will change my mind, I will block and report you. I don't care if you think you're being a good Samaritan by "saving" me--we don't share the same religious beliefs and if you want to be my friend then you will have to get over it. Just know that I have never and will never attempt to change your beliefs, so it's only fair to leave mine alone.
  7. I AM NOT ASHAMED OF WHO I AM - Lastly, I am who I am, I have given up changing myself to make other people happy, because the only way for me to be happy is to be true to who I am. My policy is to be as honest as possible, but there are things in everyone's life that are meant to be private. I do not appreciate people who attempt to make others feel inferior due to their past--everyone has ample opportunity to right their wrongs and change for the better.

I am a good person, but I really don't care what you think of me. :)
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Great post! I hope it gets read by the people it's intended for. :)

@6: excellent point made!!

hello. well gotta give you 100% for clarity! we have 36 experiences in common and now i am very curious to see what the are :)

An excellent post, SavageHeathen, succinctly stated. I wish I had such a statement posted on my own profile years ago.

Thank you very much! :)

Cool beans.

read, understood.

Wow are there that many freaks on here now? I know I wasn't here on EP for awhile, but I'm still kind of surprised...

They like to hide in the shadows.

They make their own shadows, SH.

This is really true for all of us. Just blow it off ...

Hello sweet cheeks, I woke up to a lovely surprise.....thank you for best answer...MUWAH....<br />
You are wise beyond your really shows up in the a ove story...bravo.<br />
<br />
Now, as a thank you to you, here are some J. M.words that I adore : <br />
<br />
We should just surrender<br />
Let fate and duty shape us<br />
Let light hearts remake us<br />
Let the worries hush<br />
In the middle of this continent<br />
In the middle of our time on earth<br />
We perceive one another<br />
Stay in touch<br />
We should stay in touch........<br />
<br />
Again, thank you.....and a ton of blessings on your little head.....oxo kat

Excellent! - straight foreward direct and I passed toooooo.

Lol, thank you. :)

Damn. I never do well on tests. Just kidding.

It's pass or fail, buddy!

No, just kidding.

I passed!!!!!!!!!!!


Good for you! Your requests are perfectly valid. I've gotten quite a few messages that are creepy but I just delete them.

well put. I especially appreciated #'s 6-7.<br />
keep up the good work.

Thanks. :)