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Dear Creepers And Other People,

Ahem. I got some **** to say. Here we go.

You like to **** in your pants? DON'T EVEN ******* TRY ADDING ME!

You like to **** in your pants? DON'T EVEN ******* TRY ADDING ME!

You like to **** trash bags? DON'T EVEN ******* TRY ADDING ME!

You like ******* little kids? DON'T EVEN ******* TRY ADDING ME!

You like ******? DON'T EVEN ******* TRY ADDING ME!

All you wanna do is ****? DON'T EVEN ******* TRY ADDING ME!

Don't have a picture? DON'T EVEN ******* TRY ADDING ME!

Not even going to speak to me? DON'T EVEN ******* TRY ADDING ME!

Want me to **** your wife? DON'T EVEN ******* TRY ADDING ME!

You like to wear diapers? DON'T EVEN ******* TRY ADDING ME!

And any other freaky **** you ***** like to do. DON'T EVEN ******* TRY ADDING ME!

Yes I'm gay. Don't like it? DON'T EVEN ******* TRY ADDING ME!

Jesus freak that likes to throw god in everyone's face? DON'T EVEN ******* TRY ADDING ME!

Are you an old man who wants to **** me? DON'T EVEN ******* TRY ADDING ME!

Are you a stalker? DON'T EVEN ******* TRY ADDING ME!

Yes, I like sex. No, not with you. Yes, I like to suck ****. No, not yours.
And no, I do not want to see your penis. I have a nice one of my own I could whip out and look at anytime and take a nice long look at. No I don't want to sex chat or cam or sext you. Don't ask!

DO NOT ask for my number unless I'm pretty close to you and if I am, then I would ask for yours.

Yes, I do drugs. Don't like it? **** OFF!

I think that about covers everything.

With Love,
Scotty =)
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Best "want you to read this" evar

LOL! I love this!! I don't care who or what you are or do. I just you to be my friend. I just want to be your friend :) And no, i don't do any of that ****... :3

I just want a gay friend

BAHAHAHAHA Omg! This is funny lmfao

Wow why so angry ?

I guess the thing with fetishes is...if it's all they think about? Talking to them gets rather old. I've done half a sociology I generally am like *shrug* ok.<br />
<br />
You must get hassled more than I do.<br />

Perhaps a little harsh in places, but THANK YOU. Yes, there are nice people on EP, but GOD there are some people who should REALLY not be on this site, and it's about time someone said something. You, sir, rock.


I like your sense of humor but you know you just alienated 99% of the people on EP ..LMAO

from what i read i can tell you get right to the point and tell people how you feel would like to be added on you friends list thank you kimberley1972


Sweet Mother of Crap, it must honestly suck to be a woman on the site. I get the occasional lady stalker, or suicidal person who wants to add me. But this is rather insane. Once I tried to defend my gender here, but it is hard to be The Devils Advocate when the evidence is that obvious

your awesome scotty, at least you didnt say anything about transgender people, respectable and i agree with everything you posted btw

thank you very much,, if everyone in this world had your attitude it be a better place to live

well duh, i mean i do support the lgbt community and i am in fact very bi, but what does this comment have to do with mine? really?

lol...I luv the clear messages no Bs :)

You are the ******* man for putting all these weird freaks on blast please add me I think we would get along well, I don't like ******* little kids, i am not into any of that weird fetish ****, I don't show off my ****, I love to smoke weed. & I am not a stalker. In other words Caliboy23 is a gangsta such as yourself lol. I hope you add me I would really like to become friends

Don't trip bro I am not one to disappoint :)

I vote 4 this scotty!!!!!!!!! 4 thumbs up

lol<br />
A bit subtle, but I think I get what you're saying.<br />
And I agree.