I'm Just Me(:

I won't change for anyone or anything; don't ask me too.
I'm 18; finally. Established on 10.21.1993(:
I have two kids that mean more to me than anyone could every understand.
Yeah, i'm a teenage mother, but age doesn't define what kind of parent you are(:
I'll do anything for someone I consider a friend, & my family is extremely important to me.
I can be your best friend, or your worst enemy.
I l have a million things I want to do with my life.
I'm divorced,
I will not cam with you. 'Skype sex' doesn't interest me. I like to talk dirty. I'm different. Shy, sassy, outgoing, goofy, silly, sarcastic, funny, nervous; these describe me. Compliments make me feel awkward. I don't like to be the center of attention, ever. I have met some people on here that have became extremely important to me. I'm scared of grasshoppers, & butterflies freak me out, & no. I'm not kidding. If I could, I would have a giraffe for a pet. I'm submissive. For those of you who know what it means, awesome. If you don't, well. Google is your friend. (: Brown is my favorite color. I have more allergies than you have time to read. I'm a little different. (: I live in Florida, but i'm from California.
I live in a town where the only traffic is the line of cars behind a tractor; <3
I step on toes & cross lines I shouldn't. 
I'll do things just to prove I can.
I am a bumpkin. I have a accent that gets real bad when i'm mad or tired.
I love summertime, & hate cold weather is a passion. 
I'm not at all what people think I am.
I support our troops & respect them so much for what they do for us every day.
I over think just about everything, & when I get upset it turns to anger in about two seconds.
I don't like being told what to do , & I don't think before i open my mouth, so I apologize in advance if i offend you.
I'm shy at first, & it takes a while for me to open up, but when i do you'll be begging me to shut up(;
I love sports . Football, baseball, rodeo, & NASCAR are the ****.
I don't like judgments or disrespect, & I hate liars more than just about anything.
Get to know me; you'll be glad you did(:

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18-21, F
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Yes I love warm weather. Hate that the cold will be coming.

Fair enough!

You're a good writer, Wish you would add me:)

Thank you for your support. My daughters best freind had her fist kid when she was 15 and She wanted both my dau and i there with her mother and it was nice that she did. and it is good that you are taking care of your kids

Very well written. As a veteran I thank you for your support. It means more then people realize. Hope your nights going well.

Hi, Im rystal , when I saw your birthdays the same as mine off a few decades lol, and that you were a teenage mom with 2 kids I figured Id say hi, I have 2 girls had the first when I was 16, so we habe that in common, I live in NM, been married 30 years my hubby just recently got out of prison , he was in for 11, hes not home yet but at least he is in the same state. just wanted to say hi.

i am glad I met you

aww thanks because I am an Air Force pilot

I love your attitude on things! Don't every change sweetie.<br />
<br />
xx<br />

I have 2x kids as well and there is nothing in the world that I would not do for them. I like your intro and commend you on it. Like in the classics..."well spoken".

Would you like to have a lot of children?

Um, maybe,
I would like to, but it wouldn't be until I was totally done with school &amp; was ready. I want my kids to be in school before I have anymore.

You sound like a very cool lady that I would love to get to know... Please add me!

send email me at cruzataur67(at)gmail.com...can you add me too if you like family fun?

I would CHANGE you. And make u like it.

Well said. Thanks for sharing.

lol sounds like pahokie fla or andy town,yeehaw

hi and i understand your stand would you please add me

I think you're awesome!

haha, Thank you Sir. (:

baby where u from

nice intro...i read it and am interested...check out my profile stories and pics, and find a little of what i'm about...not a perv, but an exhibitionist...anyway if you are interested add me as friend...you can skype me...nice.abs1313...hope to see you soon...

Loved it....

wow its a feat to have 2 baby in just younger age and im sure they are so gorgeous too....

I've read your introduction and liked it. Will you add me to your circle please?

WOW!!!!!!!!!!JEEZ I'm impressed and that takes something for me:) Love your honesty, and that is lacking in this world..Because you do things just to prove I can, that I admire.Always with a smile:)

ok you remind of some i know.

Is that a bad thing?

i don't know right now

Glad to meet you, and welcome to my circle :-)

I am. (:

Always be yourself Hun

Awesome post!!! Well put!! : )

Thank's ya'll(:

Simple and brief introduction. Thanks