Danielle: A Primer

  I've seen several of these before, and I think it's a nice idea to write a littler primer about myself! If you have stumbled across my profile, I'd appreciate you reading this. If you have seen a lot of these, read anyway, because I'm a little different than what you may have seen.

Etiquette: It's All About The In-Box!
  I'm a friendly one, and so I'll typically take people in whatever form they come. I like to send people a message letting them know what I think and why I'm friending them before I do so, just because that seems nice to me! *hint hint* If I don't want to friend you, for whatever reason, I typically send a message letting you know the same, but then that's what these are for, aren't they!

Topics: I Like It When You Agree, I Love It When You Don't!
  I'm open minded. If you scan my profile, you'll know that I'm a hippie, a pagan, a crafts person, a psychological mess, a nudist, and all sorts of other things. If you have offence with any of these things, and are still reading this, message me, at least! I'm sort of a laid back thinker, and I like to exchange ideas! I'm not going to block you because you think differently: I want to listen to you, and maybe we can learn from each other! I don't mind if you are blunt: so long as you are respectful, I want to talk!

Sexuality: I Like To Read, Too!
  This topic is eternally the razor's edge, isn't it? I love sex, and I love naked people! I belong to some groups that are all about sexual experience, and I enjoy them! But this world is so much bigger than flesh alone. I need people who have substance, who have dreams and interests that are wholly outside of that. So, if sex is your game and you really want to play, put something in your profile that makes me feel alive instead of awkward, would you?

Hot-Buttons: The difference between I disagree and UR STPID!
  I really do like to exchange ideas. So, if you think depression is a form of character weakness, not fitting into society's gender perceptions is a crime, or being pagan means I'm going straight to hell... well, I'll talk to you, if you're respectful. But I'll be making an effort to be calm while doing so. The anger these perceptions cause doesn't rule me, but I will get riled.
Now, on the other hand, if you are a bigoted slime-ball who doesn't talk so much as blow up at every little thing, if you can't be bothered to construct a sentence without reducing any words to single character abbreviations, if you have absolutely nothing to say about anything, or if you just happen to be insensitive to people either going through, or recovering from abuse, than save me a little trouble and keep walking.

Pics, Stories, Continuity, and Things That Come Out of The Back of You.
  I pride myself on being open-minded.  So, this jaunt into peevishness is new to me, but the population of EP people who do this is vast enough that it needs to be said.
  If you don't have a picture, find one.  This isn't because I need to know what you look like, but because not having a picture conveys a lack of care.  It's as though you just began your profile and started signing up to groups, and can't be bothered past that point.  If you can't be bothered, neither can I.  Given that the picture can be anything, anything at all, there isn't an excuse.  If you don't have at least one JPEG on your machine, then you fail at the internet, and goodness only knows how you found your way here.
  Have some stories.  That's what we're here for, right?  It doesn't take much, just a paragraph or two describing something  I love stories, I like to read anything I can get my hands on!  Especially with my friends on EP!  If you don't have any stories, write some!  Now, if you have hundreds of groups you belong to and no stories, that's a bit of a red flag, for the same reasons I had about the picture.  It just conveys a lack of care, and moreover, a lack of substance.  I'm not trying to be selfish when I say this, but if I don't see stories on your profile, I don't really know what I will get out of being your friend.
  Continuity is important to me.  I really don't mind if every person on EP is the exact opposite of who they say they are.  I don't mind if you want to be someone else, or live a fantasy under a different name.  I will love you for whatever you give me!  But if you are going to do it, than don't contradict yourself.  It might sound creepy to say this, but if you are going to lie under the anonymity of the internet, put some effort into it!
  Poop.  If you like to poop yourself, power to you!  I'm glad you have such an extensive community of people on EP who share your sexual kinks!  See, the thing is, I'm not one of them.  I have no interest in ******** myself, or in stories about people who do.  I'm sorry if that makes me seem close minded and cruel, but I honestly, completely and simply don't care about your turds.  So, if you are friending me and leading with those kind of interest groups, I'm sorry, but I politely refuse.  Have fun self-defecating, but please keep your **** to yourself.
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2 Responses Apr 19, 2012

I just started this whole new experience (even the tech stuff )<br />
I would like to chat and grow on this site. This is my first "real" attempt at communicating honestly with myself or anyone else. I like and agree with your style. :-p

You've said it well my friend, with eloquence. I've been meaning to write one of these too, not that the people that should read it will.