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What I Am Seeking Here

I am not looking to have a huge circle of friends, but will add most of the requests.
Mostly looking for decent and respectful men and women.
I am often online between giving massages, and I usually do not go offline during those times. 
Am not on at night since those are for me to be with my lover or Daughter, and time to myself.

I have no problems with seeing nudity, just please do not ask me to show.

For me to add you, I am looking for the following.
A profile photo of you, and more than one picture.
Photos that appear to be you and not some model from the web.
Some stories or recent activity

If I do not accept you after a little time, feel free to message me or post on my whiteboard as to why I should include you.
softhands1966 softhands1966 41-45, F 16 Responses Apr 20, 2012

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I'm reading the 19 stories right now, I'll get to your profile soon. Is the picture really you?

I love to receive massages also, especially deep tissue ones.

You are a very beautiful woman and I'll bet you do have soft hands. I have not had a massage in ages. I miss them. If I lived near you I'd definitely request one. :)

I would really like to be added as a friend because you seem to be a very real person. Very open and honest about your personality and likes and dislikes. Read this and am afraid I don't have any pictures posted of me due more to being lazy and not learning how to do it. It has nothing to do with me pretending to be someone I am not. Hope you can over look my lack of tech skills and add me.

it wont let me post on your whiteboard but my profile picture is of my pet iguana. i would love to be added by you.

I love your stories and POV. I hope I fit into your requirements for friendship.

I like your thoughts on sexuality.. Very free way of thinking, which I think is healthy. You're also easy on the eyes ;-)<br />
<br />
<br />
Wish more massage therapists thought like you...

Gotta love the add requests when they haven't read your stuff. Ugh

Very good I can live with them Thanks.

Your privacy and choices are yours. I agree fully. Hopefully, you will accept me as one who will respect your wishes.

Agree that you have sensible rules. You seem a very good person.

Very sensible rules you have there.

I like your looks. I respect your love for your daughter. I like that you flirt.<br />
Check out my profile: several pictures of me, check my stories there many. Daytime is usually good for me. <br />
I'm decent guy. I love women and like to create erotic fantasies with them. For their pleasure, and mine.<br />
If you're interested, just drop me a whiteboard note, message

added you

Very well written...a little respect goes a long way.

Thank you for sharing. I like the way that you think.

It's amazing that one has to ask for a little courtesy, but we know what you mean. Some folks never quite get it.

Some have been really decent but others not so much

Most folks here are pretty decent. We have had fun.