Silent All These Years

I wonder if everyone avoids showing their true selves the way I do. To friends, co-workers, even parents - staying hidden saves me from the looks of pity or disgust. It saves me from the feeling of rejection when "friends" quickly drift away after getting a glimpse of my less-than perfect side. I wonder if everyone is just dying for an honest connection, like I am.

I joined EP after I read a child abuse story that was very similar to my own. The person writing it didn't seem to be putting on a show or censoring herself. Seems like there are very few places that people can just BE. I want to be connected to a community of people who are willing to be honest about who they really are and who are looking for growth in themselves, not pointing out problems outside themselves.

Please do not add me to your circle if you:

Are a narcissist
Just want to give advice
Don't like seeing the dark side of people
Are close minded

Please add me if you:

Want a friend who will listen to you with a caring ear without judging you. I mean really - no matter what terrible things you've done or have experienced, your sexual preference, your race, your... oh heck, whatever it is! I don't give opinions unless you ask for them.

That all being said, I don't want you to think that I'm all doom and gloom!!! I'm usually an energetic dreamer with adventure constantly on my mind! I love different cultures (especially Asian cultures), backpacking, painting, singing, playing musical instruments (guitar, piano, flute, violin), charcoal drawing, photography, learning languages (currently Japanese), watching terrible (WONDERFUL) Japanese dramas (I'm studying! hehe), going to festivals, practicing iaido, cooking, bike riding.... everything!!! I just graduated from a masters program and I'm SOOOOO happy to have free time again.

Thanks for reading and I'm definitely looking forward to meeting you - the real you :)

blutre blutre
May 4, 2012