This Is Funny

I've read some very interesting stories from people in this group. Some make me laugh out loud with their list of qualifications to be added as friends. Apparently some people don't even like to be fanned. For instance, the lady who demanded that people not fan her because she came here to be left alone to write. Really? Can't you write on some kind of program on your computer in private where no other people have access? Wouldn't that assure your privacy? With that attitude, I'm not likely to read your shite anyway. I understand that there are varied interests here and as in real life, we won't all hang out together. No big deal. I have interests that won't appeal to everybody and others have interests that don't appeal to me.

I don't care who fans me. You have to get a start somewhere. If you like my questions or something I write, add me to your circle so you can keep up with my ramblings. Whether or not I add you is my prerogative. My choice will be based upon your profile. Factors that come into play are experience groups, stories and a general idea of character. If I don't add someone as a friend is not a judgment of your worthiness. It's not a matter of worthiness but a matter of whether we have anything in common. If you're new, I might wait for interaction on questions or comments on stories and add later. I'm sure this story might **** somebody off although it was meant to be light hearted and fun. Anyway, do whatever you like and I'll do the same.
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In a way I wish I'd read this sooner but I needed a laugh right now, so it worked out perfectly :o) **giggles**


Hey friend! You know your avi right now totally matches this story....hehe.

Thanks friend

Yes, some people seem to think they are doing you a huge favor by friending you. I usually just take a quick glance & see if someone seems interesting enough or not too freaky such as the diaper thing or simply on here to scam on people sexually. Some woman's list I read also made me laugh out loud. I think I told her she seemed a little bossy, but I really meant bitchy..Oh well. EP life goes on, right?

That's right. Thanks for reading.