About This Little Lady

♦I was born Amelia Marie, back in August of 88.
♦Most people know me as Meli or Molly.
♦I'm adorkable.
♦The best way I've ever been described is a minx
♦I'm a shorty at 5'2"
♦I'm an open book, you have a question, I'll answer it
♦I drink beer, I smoke cigarettes
♦When someone needs a friend, I'm the one they run to.
♦I'm a snugglebug
♦If you're my friend, you will never lose me, I'm fiercely loyal.
♦If someone ever asks for my forgiveness they'll get it
♦I've played piano for 13 years, took private lessons for 10
♦If you play some type of musical instrument and/or are in a band I will find you 50x's sexier than the next person.
♦I'm a LOTR freak and a Narnia freak.
♦I'm obsessed with all things involved with Fairies and stars
♦I drink insane amounts of milk.
♦I'm one of Dr. Steel's Toy Soldiers, TS40548
♦I danced ballet for 10 years, from age 5-15
♦I'm super easy going.
♦I'm a huge Green Bay Packer fan, Sundays are reserved for football, not God
♦I'm unpredictable
♦I use pet names...with everyone.
♦I'm honestly one of the nicest people you'll ever meet or talk to.
♦I do not wear makeup every day.
♦I love getting gussied up and going out as much as I love grungeing it out in my jammys at home
♦I try really hard to be nothing like anyone else you've ever known.
♦I love being in controlling & possessive relationships
♦People have called me the Captain of Cute, the Admiral of Adorable and the Sergeant of Sexy
♦I believe life is abundant, love is plentiful, and creativity is always within my grasp.
♦I believe in ghosts, aliens, demons, angels and God. Yep.
♦I believe there is definitely truth in all legends and myths
♦I am an eternal optimist when it comes to love.
♦I'm likely to fall passionately in love - or at least lust - quickly, spontaneously, and with total abandon.
♦I give my heart away to easily
♦I have 2 kitties. Izydora "Izzy" & Chica
♦I'm a hopeless, helpless romantic
♦I thrive on human contact and touch, I hold everyone's hand, friends, lovers, family
♦I read historical romance novels obsessively.
♦I'm going through Zombie defense training.
♦I'm not afraid of guns and am a good shot to boot
♦Do not **** with me in the morning, you'll regret it.
♦I am married...and it sucks.

Things I like:
♦Ren Faires
♦My Kindle
♦Books (I own hundreds, have read thousands)
♦My Xbox360
♦Horseback riding
♦Beach bumming
♦Football (Packers and Badgers come first, everyone else follows)
♦Milwaukee Brewers, Milwaukee Admirals, Milwaukee Wave, Milwaukee Mustangs, Brew City Bruisers (Every team from the Crazy 8's to the Shevil Knevils)...I support my hometown teams :]
♦GenCon, ComicCon, SaukraCon, TeslaCon, and conventions in general
♦Plays, musicals, opera, concerts, anything that involves a stage and talented people
♦Grilled food
♦Cooking and baking
♦Art and art museums
♦Ghost hunting

Send a message my way and I pretty much promise that unless YOU are a shallow jerk, you won't regret saying hello.
MoiraEthne MoiraEthne
26-30, F
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Too much to read. But whatever I read, I liked. We must get talking now! The only thing stopping it you adding me :p

Hi meli :)

Well hi. :)

Sure sounds like you know what you like and want. Congrats.

Sounds like quite the excitinh list, I applaud you, I couldn't have come up with 10 things let alone your list :)

I spend far too much time alone, and know myself too well.

You sound like a great person. Open and honest. That's too bad the your not very happy in your marriage. A good marriage is a wonderful thing. All I can think about is my wife every time we are apart.

You sound pretty damn cool

Message me

sure thing. :)

I got another one how about the General of Gorgeous

What you think it work?

You intrigue me even though we don't exactly 'match'. But I've always felt that we should learn to embrace the differences in our similarities and the similarities in our differences!

Steampunks awesome and I like Dr Steels song fibonachi sequence

you sound pretty amazing Meli. the kind of girl that a guy would enjoy having for a daughter :)


Well hello Molly, I must say you have a very interesting list here and I do enjoy most of them and will admit I haven't tried them all. You do sound like a very interesting person, I'm sorry to hear your marriage sucks as I've been married for almost 38 yrs. now and it hasn't been to bad until lately. But that's a story for another day, I'd like to get to know you a little better if you'd like as I think you would be so much fun to chat with sometime. Send me a message if you feel the same way, like you I'm open and honest though quite a bit older than you. Who knows we may even play the same x-box games. Hope to hear from you. :-)

Wow! That says it all! Well done! 😜

Greetings Molly, You sound like the total package. I'd love to know you better. Meet someday in the future & be friends till the end. Please add me....oh yea, I was the band's photographer, Triton out of SW Florida.
Thanks, Bruce

oh wait.... did you miss sommin?

Green bay packers in the fall. Milwaukee brewers in the summer. Mollie you one allaround girl!!!

First preseason Packer game is now under a week away!! So excited!!!

Hope they win!!

Holy long list of fun things Batman!

Hello, this is a very detailed description. Sad that your marriage sucks. Do you have enough sex in your marriage? Maybe you could spice it up some.



We have read your profile. You are definitely an interesting person. Please add us as a friend. we would like to see your many pictures. Thank you.

you sound like a very interesting person, who is very self aware and knows what she likes in life. Bravo.

Read it...Like most of it...please add me my little snugglebug ;-)

You are indeed a rare and intriguing find. There is virtually nothing on your profile or likes and dislikes I would agree with. I love adorable, patriotic, creative, individualistic, sexy, gun toting, fun loving, forgiving, spiritual, constructive and generally amazing petite bag full of awesome. Go Packers, Hug a Soldier, Forgive a Fool, Love more than anything.

Really intersting mix there ... intreagued about the " Im married - it sucks ! " comment tho ? :-/

Wish I woulda met you before we were both married. The way you are with books, I am with movies. I would describe myself as part Jim Carey from the mask (child at heart, hopeless romantic, lovable loser) and part Dante from Clerks (depressed, workaholic, lovable loser). PM me some time!

Wow, a woman with depth. Interesting...

Yep, that's true. :D

You seem like my kinda chick, sexy, nerdy and fun :) what 360 games do you like?

"the road goes ever on"..... and hopefully your sexlife will improve...add me if you wish, my precious!

Hi there. Well I wouldn't mind chatting with you sometime when it's convenient. Have a nice day!

Where can I get a clone?

why would you need a clone of me? You could just have me in the flesh. =]

Liar! Women like you don't really exist

I promise I exist!

Definitely my kind of girl :)

woot! *happy dance*

Although I did notice a something missing in your list of fetishes...

You had lots of rape
You had lots of rape and pillage
But you forget that all important piece of advice that often gets overlooked in the heat of passion....

Always remember, its Rape, Pillage, and THEN Burn

You sound ok......I play the radio does that count?

thank you for letting me be your friend

interesting profile....tell me more

I think you sound like an amazing woman. I would love to be added as a friend and just get to know more about you.

My kind of gal! If I wasn't already married, I'd flirt with you.
Uh, shoot... what I meant to say was "I like cheese?" :-D

please feel free to flirt with me anyway. =]

plz add me

done. =] welcome to the circle.

Hello sweetie , tell me about zombie defense training !!!! XOXOXO DAVID

You know what you want and seem to go after it. I'd hope we can talk and become great friends

There is a BIG difference between a ***** and a sIut anyway.And i can relate with the milk drinking for some reason.Lol.

The milk thing is an odd thing to be able to relate to, clearly we are kindred spirits

Since you consider you and i as kindred spirits, i advice you to stay away from the person i mentioned.He is the type of guy who preys on the sheeps when he is a wolf in disguise even though he love wolves as well, ironic but it is true.

Done. He is blocked. =]

Nice to meet you :), my kindred spirit.

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Gosh, you are obviously a girl into fantasy.
I suggest you delete BeMYBadGirl off your list if you are not a sIut(because it seems to me that you are not and he is a sexual predator FYI).

wow love this profile xxx just saw you on FL as well totally cool BTW xx

Love your profile picture, l drank my tears laffing. X

Such a list. Wow. The LOTR. Stood out to me I too love book and movies of that nature. I Hope we can be friends .

hi thats a long list you put together very well i feel like i already know u.if u ever wanna chat ill be around

so nice to know you, Honey, hope you and i will be great friends!!!

You have got to be by far the most complex,interesting,& amazing person Ive met on EP by far-thats a compliment btw lol I really like your style,wouldnt change a thing ;-)

What a wonderful compliment. =] Thank you tons.

Hi there! This means you're a bit clumsy, yet still very cute, so nobody is able to get annoyed or pissed...?!

wow you got a wide scope of things you like !! I live in Australia but one of my friends added you so I thought I would have a look and whats not to like right ???

But, are you a good ****?

I love adorkable women! Very cool... Please add me, please please!

it is nice being added to your group of friends, I look forward to reading more about you (just finished your Q&A post...interesting)

Well Molly, you sound pretty wonderful. <br />
<br />
I have six cats, I love the Packers (even have a cheese head to wear to bars -- and I love in Raider country, so that makes me a bad-***), and I love musical theatre (in fact, my son, who is your age, has moved to NYC hoping to make it on Broadway).<br />
<br />
I hope that's a sufficient basis to be added as your friend.


well i a packer backer got my name on list for season tickets been on that list since 78 look like i get my tickets this year or next. i used to live in madtown and had tickets when the packer played in milwakee. i so glad to know you support the soilder as i a vet of the vetnam war at least the people didn't turn there back on the troops in this war.

I have read what you had to say. I play in a recreational dart league. I have a travel trailer for camping. I love guns, hunting and fishing. I enjoy a good movie. Not thrilled with chic fliks, but will watch with the right person. I do understand about the coffee cup. I am addicted to coffee, and cannot function without coffee. Would love to be your friend.

So, what about being married sucks?

well hello.. very interesting

How about learning (slowly) to play the banjo? It takes nimble fingers.

you sound like one of the coolest chicks i know...besides my G.F. but she's not into movies...and as far as the piano goes i have always said that is one of the things i want to learn and be pretty damn good at it...

the zombie war is coming.new game about them is coming out.

Very interesting sounds like you're pretty cool. Let's be friends

*steals your coffee cup and runs away*

lmao.... I even looked to make sure it was still next to me. You sure are cheeky.

That's funny... my friends just say I'm a playful *******. ;-)