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Hi I have been getting a lot of questions so I will try and answer them here.

I am 41 and very happily married to a sexy 40 year old man we have a house right on the beach for 15 years now. We have 4 kids with one on the way. My oldest is a boy 19 and in collage, my next one is a boy 16 in high school, the next is a boy 13 in middle school, youngest for now lol is a 10-year-old girl. I am a teacher so I have to be very carful what pics I post online so please be patient. I will never share pics of my kids so do not ask.

I am Bi and have NO DESIRE to do any thing with another man. My BFF lives next door she has 3 kids 18-year-old girl, 15-year-old Girl, and 12-year-old boy they are at my house all the time. I am telling you this because all of use girls run around all day topless and in thongs or very skimpy bottoms.

My BFF and I have ********** with my husband 2-3 times a week she is divorced from a very bad guy that hit her and my husband kick him out of her house for her. So has very little love for men right now this happened 10 years ago and we have been living like this ever since. We have always done the topless stuff since we moved in.

I have been topless on the beach almost 20 years when I married my husband he sparked a change in me that I am so grateful for. I love being as naked as possible.
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11 Responses May 9, 2012

great story ,,,, glad you are enjoying life now ! ! ! !

You see really sweet. And the avatar isyour VERY Sexy. I am sure your husband and sons to not mind he toplessness. By now it probaly just seems natural to them. And good about never sharing pictures of them. I bet your pictures are awesome.

Love your attitude, very nice arrangment

I really enjoyed your story keep posting. Thank you for sharing.

Wow, what a nice scenario... thanks for sharing...

I agree about what you wrote about the pics. That's why I won't post my face on here, nor pics of my family neither.

great to hear about you

Friends till the end - great relationship

Very nice of your husband to help your friend. Sounds like you've got a great arrangement!!

Sounds like you have a perfect life going for all three of you.. and the kids. Good for you!

You are an awesome wife.