somethings I don't do, and things I will do:

1. add single men. (except for one)

2. will never disrespect a woman

3. will add married couples if and only if the wife approves(i'm not here to cause problems)

4. I like to talk to people I add and read their stories. pictures are just a byproduct I don't care if you have 500 or 0.

5. I do have a very active imagination write a good story and I'll feel in the rest.

6. I don't like women who bad mouth all men because they had a few bad encounters with ******** of the species. NOT ALL MEN ARE PROGRAMED THAT WAY. nice ones do exist someone just has to take a chance.

7. I do like open nudity there is nothing more freeing and relaxing.

8. I do and try to make contact with everyone in my circle when I see that they are online.

9 I don't think I will web cam. talking on here is just as good.

10. That's me in a nutshell got questions ask I'll answer. if someone from my circle needs to vent i'm here to listen.

Sorry if i offended anyone but that's me. Thanks for reading.
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May 11, 2012