I have soft spot for people of all types.Sometimes I attract the strange but enjoy the experience.I love people for what they are on the inside regardless of apparent looks on the out side.I am suspicious of anything such anything in life is free.We pay for with our hard work and commitment to the truth.I may be liberal in many ways and live life as such.I dislike right wingers and tea party activists....don't get me started. I hate FOX news and it distortion of the true facts and bullying agenda. I have had a near death experience and feel realized in myself.I also had a serious stroke and am numb on my left side.....does that mean I am a numb nuts...maybe:)I listen to people and try to understand their story and life.I love children...having one hasn't made me an expert but made me a better person.Love stories here but hate bullshit .I love life of all kinds and yes pleasure is a part of that.I don't force myself on anyone but have an opinion.I believe woman are the worlds greatest of gifts and are treated poorly in society and religious circles ,if your thing is religion OK live and let live I say.I don't always believe what government tells me..they have agendas.I am well read and and love history and global politics.I believe we are all connected on earth as were are in the universe each and everyone of us. This connection is because we are made up of the same material as the stars and this connection is our destiny when our life ends.I have had sad things happen in my life but refuse to give into self pity and anger.I love beer ,women ,weed and books but not necessarily in that order.I am a movie buff but not a star gazer.I laugh a lot and have good sense of humor and see the glass half full beer to drink and enjoy.Cheers to all.
Tim52 Tim52
56-60, M
1 Response May 11, 2012

Bravo! Well written and spot on, as I see it. Cheers to you and friend request to follow!