Read This First Please

I have been on EP long enough to realize these things:

1 If you are a pervert , want to cyber etc. NO THANK YOU

2 If you like to soil in diapers, wear diapers NO THANK YOU

3 I don't want to see your penis . No matter how legendary you think it may be NO THANK YOU

4 I am NOT here looking to "hook up" with anyone .THANK YOU

5 I do not want to see your naked wife / husband NO THANK YOU

6 If you have only sexual thing on your profile keep going . NO THANK YOU

7 If you are a lesbian and looking . I'm flattered I'm sure but NO THANK YOU.

8 I will not send you pictures of myself so don't ask. And I do not want to see naked pictures of you either. NO THANK YOU

SO PLEASE read this before you ask me to add you . It will save you your time and mine.

Thank you very much ---- Alextric
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3 Responses May 14, 2012

icky mungoes on the diapers . nasty **** . hah . i wrote a story for the perverts in here who was bothering a friend of mine . i stood up for her . told the perverts off . i love sex with females . i just wont pressure them . No is No . and it is called desperation to cyber on here are talking all that sexual talk . they cant get it at home so they come here to get off on vulnerable and sweet hearted ladies like yourself . its selfish and degrading .

I am none of the above, but do not ask for people in a circle for that reason. No matter how I am there is still the perception (Internet people) I read and post comments and if I really do get to know someone, then I would add them to my corcle.<br />
<br />
From a guys side, thanks for posting that.

Aah You're learning. Good. teehee^^