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Please do not add me if:

...we do not have a majority of Groups in common – that’s a pretty clear indicator we’re not compatible. read a sexy story I wrote and want some steamy sex chat. I write for me – even if it is dedicated to someone else, the words are from my heart and soul.


No. I do not want to see pictures of you naked or your wife naked or anything else of that nature you try to show me.

The only time anyone sees photos of me is if they are in my circle or I offer. Do not ask – I will never accommodate you.

I am not here to date. If I flirt with you, please do not read into it - this is the internet people.

On a side note... I am very accepting and open. I will happily add Nudists, Christians, Atheists, LGBTQ, and many others. As long as you respect my boundaries, I will respect and welcome you.

Lastly, I have kids in my circle - please be respectful of that when posting things to my whiteboard.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to knowing you. ^.^
Aurinne Aurinne 36-40, F 11 Responses May 14, 2012

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Rock in lady lay down the ground rules so you hope to stop any future problems before they start your style ...

I wish you well Aurinne and if you wish to add me as a friend at some point please feel free just an ordinary naughty uk trucker thats up for a laugh n getting too old to worry about problems past or future ..x

Very well written and to the point

I have only read your abuse story, and commented. I have no need to be in your group, so will not ask, but I feel compelled to read more of what you have written, Thanks and good luck.

Um okay lol I'm not quite as intense as I think I was when I wrote that... But, it's always best to follow your instincts on these things. I wish you well. :)

I didnt see the sexy stories :o

oh heavens... they're there, but most are under a previous profile, one many who read this would know about...

I see :P

Here here!

Sounds like something I would say. Especially the part about people whining

I think I might have been a little ticked off when I wrote that bit. lol

Happens to us all. For sure I'm no exception :)

OK fare enough

thank you for taking the time to read it :)

That's what I'm saying!

:) glad I could help

in the last 3 days i have been asked to "talk dirty" so much it is awful

Works for me. But if you add me you'll like me. ; ) I'm eclectic.

eclectic... I can't see a problem with eclectic

Ah, deluged already... :) I'm not surprised.<br />
<br />
Bonne courage, chere amie, et, bonne chance aussi.

oh, you know me... always getting into trouble ;)
thank you

Well stated, and in full agreement.

thanks - and, I do apologize for spamming you ^.^