Hmmmm.. What You Should Know Before You Add Me.

My guidelines for acceptance into my circle of friends is pretty simple.

  1. Basically, if you're a negative person, don't add me.  Actually, that's not 100% true.  If you're a negative person that no longer wants to be a negative person, then add me. Otherwise, why waste my time and yours?
  2. If you don't share anything about yourself by contributing stories of your own, comments on other stories or at least fill out a meaningful profile, then don't add me until you have shared something about yourself.  Its not hard, this site is designed to make this easy.
I am a very accepting person.  I don't care if you are gay or straight, conservative or liberal, black or white, male or female, young or old or rich or poor.  That being said, if you cannot abide by the two simple guidelines above, I don't really have much use for you.
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2 Responses May 18, 2012

Read it =) I'm gonna add you

You know, I think I will make #2 a requirement for my circle. However, even when I see those blue people, with not much of a profile, I tend to reach out to them, if I see from their one story that they are suffering in some way.