Please Do Read This Before Adding Me To Your Circle :)

  • 1. Don't respect others and yourself
  • 2.Are a negative person
  • 3.Are rude
  • 4.Are sexist
  • 5.Are a pervert/maintain a circle of perverts 
  • 6.Are searching for a gf/life partner on EP
  • 7.Are a paranoid
  • 8.Are a Liar/dishonest  
  • 9.Don't respect friendship
  • 10.Have mental issues
  • 11.Are a sadist
  • 12.Always use the name of God to escape your weaknesses 
  • 13.Talk rubbish to pass your time
  • 14.Want to meet me in person/interested to have my personal details like email/facebook (just don't waste your precious time)
  • 15.Feel sorry for your past (accept it and move on)
  • 16.Collect friends like pokemons (ain't one)

iamnotperfect iamnotperfect
26-30, F
20 Responses May 18, 2012

I can't be your friend : (
Coz I'm looking partner on EP

I don't have any problem with people who look for partner on EP , what i mean is "Don't target me" Lol
And let me tell you one thing , You find love when you are least expecting it ,all the best :)

Thank you so much for your kind wishes
Then we can be friend

So here are your secrets.
Does it qualify me to be your friend. ;)

Hi imurfriend
That is a tough list. I mean sure I agree but some a pretty broad.

Which point is tough ? :)

Hi imurfriend
15 for example. Life is a constant renewal of reflection.

But why do you wanna feel sorry for the past when you know it can only hurt ?

Hi imurfriend
je ne regret rien.

Good :)

Hi imurfriend
still it is a tough list

Haha , now which point XD

Hi imurfriend
I am not talking specifically about myself just observing that your list is demanding. I can live with it but find it a little severe maybe.

- World is not so safe as you think
specially when you are a girl

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interesting reading

Interesting username

can you guess where i'm from? lol

Australia ?

Hi imurfriend
ok I read your comprehensive list. I just liked your answer don't live like a tree.

Thanks :)

17. find demanding and bitchy people irritating.


You're demanding and bitchy, and I make a habit to not make friends with people who have a long list of demands for what they expect of people they meet.

So I'm adding an extra reason not to add you: finding the entire concept of somebody demanding you to live up to their standards before even agreeing to meet you, repulsive.

Thanks alot for adding me and now stop concentrating on what I am and pay attention to your life.. Goodbye

I haven't added you. Anyway, SOMEBODY had to actually call you out on your bullshit, and I don't have anything to do right now so thought I might as well.

Who the hell are you to teach me what should be my preference? Do you think you are so perfect to guide others?

No, I just think you're demanding people to be perfect when there's no need nor call for it, and that is extremely unfair. And I think that at least one person, among this endless sea of suck-ups, needed to call your attention to that fact.

Also, I am the terror that flaps in the night, I'm the one who knocks, I am the eggman, and I am the walrus.

I know who you are..I had blocked you for your pervert behavior and now you are here with a new id

Well that's kind of a riot. I'd love to know what my "pervert behavior" was, it's news to me.

I legit just created an account two days ago.

Stop acting innocent

Oh sweetie, trust me, I'm far from innocent. I'm just not who you think I am.

Coo coo cachoo.

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after all this.... do you still get junkies...or do they really respect ?

I don't get junkies :)

thanks for the details......

You are welcome dear :)

I didn't try adding you after reading this because my circle of friends is full of perverts :(
well anyways, its nice to meet you...... im AJ from Pakistan

Hi AJ :)

Challenge accepted.

thank you :)

thinks your list justt about cover moree then Half of all the peoples on ep :) so good luck

thank you :)

Well, I think we can talk but might not meet all the characteristics U asked:)...<br />
<br />
No we can't talk unless I'm in your circle as per your profile preference.

Yes we can talk:-)

i love NO. 16 :D


don't worry i'm not going to add YOU !!!! FEEL FREEE

good for you kiddo :p


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haha what a good list.. but I HAVE A MENTAL ISSUE :/<br />
<br />
<br />
I cant get rid of my bad habit. Bad habit for being too friendly and hyper. haha<br />
<br />
just kidding.. :D

thank you :)

and i guess i comply all those things but if you dont think its ok to have friends in different genders as i do i understand because i dont feel bad what ever this people do and i believe people are unique in everyway.

wow i like your donts and yes its important in everyway i hope you would like to be my freind here in will find alot of different people in my cirlce and i do respect them in everyway for what they are and what they do and their beliefs.

I had to copy some things of this list cause I think the same, but I also added some things to my list. Nice list btw.

thank you dear:)i will check your list

Very well said, direct and on point.

thank you.

I'm obviously guilty under paragraphs 3,4 and 13,but I'm still your friend.Does it make you hypocrite ?

yes you are my friend saint :) i don't think you are rude,sexist or talk rubbish

i agree..great to be your friend:)...there are very few people like you..

thank you dear :)

thanks dear :) i too am proud to be your friend