Please! Read Before You Add.

Please read the 'About' on my Profile page ... pretty much spells me out.

Please if you have no profile pic, no groups joined, no stories written, and basically no profile don't visit me or add  me as contact. If you have nothing to speak to who you are how can I ever decide if I would/should be a friend.

Also, if you wander to my door and attempt to add me ... please email me and tell me how you got to my door and why. Even if you have a profile I have found some made their way to my door with ulterior motive. I am not here seeking a lover or sex from anyone. No internet sex either.

As I said read the 'About' on my Profile page.

I am who I am ... a transexual woman. A woman so don't confuse me with any either life form.

I am truthful in my writings, they are my feelings, emotions and who I am. Yes, I am a bit anonymous here because of other factors in my life. But, never fear if you ask a questions I will answer it truthfully ... without giving away my anonymity.

I am also concerned about being too forthcoming as it would be and create a difficulty for others I am close to, especially my loving family. Therefore I am here and have posted pictures of me here in my library ... they just are posed and prepared to protect that other part of my life.

There are certain challenges that I face being transgender and I try to explain them here at EP. I welcome your comments but not your being disrespectful or vulgar because you can not stand who I am. I can and will block you from my EP life.

This account allows me to be me! No one else, no facade, nor shadow. Just the plain, simple me.

Don't add me randomly either as I do read your profile and stories and groups before I decide.

I have many wonderful thoughtful friends here and keeping up with them is not always easy however it is my pleasure to try as they are friends of the first degree.

Again, please read this thoroughly (over and over if necessary) and understand before you click to add me as your friend.

Josie06 Josie06
56-60, F
2 Responses May 20, 2012

I do understand you and respect your individuality as a person. I do enjoy reading about you and your stories. ellen

Sorry, I added you before reading posted something on my "white board", which is what prompted me to add your profile and I think you're great! I am not a "friend collector"'s not my goal to have 500 friends...I think I may have five...very judicious about adding! ; )