Why I Like Submission.

Submission is the primary means by which a woman experiences sexuality, experiences sexual pleasure and experiences fulfillment as a female being. A woman who has never experienced submission has never really experienced what it means to be female. She has never had a deep and genuine experience of her own femininity, because without submission she is denying her true self. To know more,read my profile,story and other Post

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My kind of woman.......

This may be off the topic but as a very interested reader of your posts, I wanted to ask: You describe yourself as a Bengali Hindu, yet you quote very extensively from Christianforums.com... are you thinking seriously about converting? Does religion have anything to do with a female state of mind? Do you think women or men of a particular religious/cultural background are more feminine or masculine? I'm not a believer in any way but am interested in the way religion and culture affect a person psychologically, ergo the question.

Very true, beautiful descriptions and the most perfect descriptions, submission does not means being weak or being stupid, its a way for a woman to experience pleasure and fulfillment.

yeah, only a true submissive lady understands femininity , sensuality and sexulity. ! being submissive, a lady flowers her desires, wild fantasies and gets very hot, and she deserves to be moulded perfectly into man's perfect slutty doll..!

mmm - i adore missionary and i think this is why

Tell us about your last submission NOW!

100% Awesome

All interesting perspectives. However, what is ignored is that there are submissive men and Dominant women, as well as Switches, who obtain the same or similar benefits and pleasures -- regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

A woman who is bound is more beautiful than unbound. Expectation seeps from here pores, runs down her thighs. Yearning, not fear, makes her eyes sparkle. A simple fingertip from me makes her moan, a smack on the ***, makes her knees weak. I love her like this, and she knows she is loved.

Very nice John;)

Thank you, Hope. We only play around the edges, unlike yourself.

You have a great understanding John which is proved in your words. Playing...edges!!! sounds good to me :))

Thank you Hope. Very kind words. I think that since I met you and Annah, my understand has grown leaps and bounds ;)

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Submission allows a woman to participate in sexual situations without feeling guilt.

Lovely to have and take a submissive woman, as long as the man is accepting and not 'taking by imposition' if you understand my meaning. There is nothing better that taking a girl knowing that she is willingly giving herself !!