Seriously, Before You Add Me...


"Are you black?"
Yes. If it bothers you, don't talk to me.

"What would you do if we were together right now?"
If you're asking me that question before you say anything else to me, chances are I'll ignore you. And after I ignore your first email, don't bother sending a second one...then I'll block you.

"Will you add me as a friend?"
Maybe, and if I do it'll be on my own time.

*Sending me a message with a scenario and expecting me to respond to it in a way that's pleasing to you is annoying. Don't be surprised if you get a rude reply. :)
* Yes, my nickname is Nipplegirl422, and my profile photo is one of my chest, but obviously there's more to me than my breasts. I won't entertain that kind of talk all the time.

Why are people so clueless? This stuff should be common sense. :/

Nipplegirl422 Nipplegirl422
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Hi girl

Understandable....nothing like racism and sexism rolled into one douche-basket eh? It seems that this tends to be more of a meat market than anything else. At first I just came on here to share experiences and read about other people because I find them fascinating, but I have to admit that I do enjoy looking through people's photos too.

I'm surprised people aren't beyond that kind of crap by now...

How are you? Did you have a good Independence day?

well said... friends? :P

thanks for the add no need to worry I'll tow the line and fly straight

...seems ok

I want any woman proud of her nipples as a friend of mine!

I'm very sorry that someone treated you that way :(

bbc is good rideing

Lol well said

i think black is beautiful. few examples: michael jackson, naomi campbell, hally berry.
love ur post. its soo blunt.
And i love ur pic. Ur breasts is just like a juicy ripe mango. kuuuup. see i just eat it. :)

It's seriously upsetting that girls here feel the need to make these posts. The idiots really take away from the potential of this place. However, there aren't that many, and I hope they're cleaned up quick.

It's such a shame that there are obviously such idiots on here that ladies feel they have to have disclaimers. All your asking is for manners and be courteous.

I have added you and I can assure I won't be rude or aggressive. I am well aware their's a real person at the other end not just an avatar.

Whats good your attitude and ur profile pic, they go hand and hand!

You are right some people don't get it. The avatar photo is awesome...

Haha, thanks!

Well, glad I could make you smile... Your welcome.

I'm sorry that people would be that shallow :(

First day on here. I consider myself very open minded, but what I'm reading surprises me - to say the least!<br />
<br />
"Are you black?" - seriously!? Do d***heads (with access to the net) really have the "cultivation" to even think like that?

Haha! It is crazy. I cannot tell you how many times someone has asked me that question.