Read This Before You Add Me..

People either love me or hate me...mainly hate of course but there's no bit in between the love and hate.
I have a number of tattoos and piercings hidden and tucked away where selected people get to see them.
I'm not your typical girl, I don't care about feelings. Well I'm sure somewhere under my ink there's some feelings but I haven't found them yet.
I'll talk to many different types of people but if you ****** me off or try to understand my messed up personality or life then bye bye and you will no longer hear from me :D
I'm a weirdo, I like ******* with peoples heads and emotions, I find it funny in that weird sadistic sort of way.
I love brightly coloured hair...mine at the moment is pink but I'm kind of bored with it now so need a change :(
I have my boobs out most of the time
I am bisexual but I don't like to class myself as that. I like to class myself as 'whatever takes my fancy'
I don't like compliments unless it's about my tattoos as they are beautiful, but if you give me a compliment and expect me to be happy about it then think again I'll eat your head off :D
Anyway anything else you would like to know, then ask :)
TattooMyBits TattooMyBits
18-21, F
Jun 20, 2012