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Please Read,thank You

I'am not a bitchy girl,or someone who thinks ,I'am better than anyone on this site,that being said,If you would like me to add you,Please don't write ,"add me" on my whiteboard ,read my stories,comment on them,interact w/ me for awhile.Also,I do not cam,i 'am not here for dating or flirting,only to make friends.I don't want to be friend w/ ppl who,pee or poop their pants,are pedos,screw animals,are into ******...ect,If u don't have a complete profile,with a picture,don't bother,Thank you
1prettygirl 1prettygirl 36-40, F 43 Responses Jul 16, 2012

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I agree.

Sounds very reasonable and clear to me.

What about the emails that just say "Hi"

wow i just found the female me lol

Oops did you mean you were better than anyone on this site ???Really !!???
One of Obama's daughters ? Or Boehner's ? Or Bill Marr's ?

Darn where did you get the information on all those nifty kinks? You would have to have read a lot of them here .... or not ?
I liked the rest of your profile seemed good to me.... I don't do any of that except exchange mildly sexy stories .. fiction.. or real either, with adult over 21 women here with their explicit or implicit permission..And I don't use any of the list of naughty words that would get me bounced.. I am careful what is put in print,.. so I don't do all the rest of those things..
That is an exhaustive list of naughty and repulsive things. What are the chances of you coming across (no pun intended.. ) an adult's *over 21 maybe.. Profile on here that it would be a problem for you.. those kinds of kinks.;. do you think you wouldn't be able to tell by looking for just a few seconds at their profile? Then just moving on?
So you are the Road Guard for us here at EP..Warning, Warning Will Robinson !!

Just a normal guy here lol wanting to be your friend ;) Jim

All agreed uponby me.. as usual for any adult with common sense.

I don't have a face pic because I'm a closeted Bi, but otherwise meet your criteria. I'd be honored if added but will understand if you don't.

I love, love this warning.

you like to play it safe?

sounds fair...have got pics in my can see once you add me :)

kiss u

you are pretty:)

Well noted.
A brief one among those stories be posted in this group.
According to your statement I assume you a respectable woman with good morals ,self-respect, kind, may be a bit open-minded but rational,and with rightful personality.And I always like ,respect, support, admire the women like your kind so I added you for sure ,regardless of if you will add me.

Sounds good, time to start I guess with your friendship being my chief goal. I love a challenge.

Oh god. That's so baaaad. I guess farm man seeking fat sow pig won't work for you.? Laughing my *** off. Oh I am so incouragable . Can't help myself. I like to make myself laugh.

Silky and I hope you will consider adding us.

I think I can echo your words... exactly.
Thank you for being clear and honest. It was appreciated and valued on this site!

Dito, I've only been on EP for about a month. One guy ask me to have anal sex with his wife, another wants me to rate his wifes boobs!!! Now don't get me wrong, I compleatly enjoy both, just not with another mans wife!! rock

Thank u:) rules...and whats up with the pee and poop!!! I mean seriously???? ha! Nice to meet you Pretty girl...

lol, I like that..

AMEN sister

Love this

I feel the same way. I would like to add you to my circle, because I think you're very cool, not because I am here to collect people. I stopped Facebook for a long time for this reason. I joined EP to meet and communicate with people going through similar issues and to have a safe forum to express myself. You say it perfectly!

haha, when I first read this, I thought that first sentence said "I am better than anyone else on this site" and I was about to say "I hear ya, girl" haha

lmao,thats funny,no i DON"T think i'm better

I wouldn't have judged if ya did.. sometimes I think I'm better.. ha! just kidding..

Makes sense, that is a great idea
I need to put a pic up
I loved your oral story waking him up have you tried sucking him till he is barely awake then swing yr legs over put yr wet ***** in his face, you will have a wonderful 69 time
Ty for writing
Joey in oregon

well said, I couldn't agree more

I could not have said it any better.

Well put

You intrigue me prettygirl...

why is that?

luv ya x


Hmm, well I read this and the entire thread before adding you. I know I have responded to several of your stories, and fancied the idea that I met your criteria. Apparently not, but even so I do love your stories and plan to continue reading them, enjoying them, and commenting on them. I do hope my curiosities were not offputting.

Well, I may not qualify under your rules, but I am an interesting person with some unusual experiences. If you fancy yourself having an open mind, I will never mention your undesireables, but you will find me as a loyal friend with certainly no obligations on your part. Thanks.

Very well put.

i love your stories and i would love to read your comments on my pics....

well said..i totally agree..think i need to read your stories

You are a very practical woman <br />
<br />
I love it

you are very nice woman <br />
I hope to be fin always

Certainly a reasonable set of rules.

Totally agree with what you're saying! if you're REALLY into body waste, rock on... just not with me. also... what's with the guys wearing panties? I mean... are you wanting to see pictures for fashion advice? <br />
<br />
lol... not gonna ask ya to add me.... yet. :)

add me pls

big fat ,NO


I get add me,i want u!Umm if they could read ,they would see,im not on the market,lol,sad indeed