Do You Read Me?

After a few years of being here, making friends and finding them comming and going I learned a few things about myself. I enjoy chatting with people about thier real everyday problems and If I make them smile or forget about thier problems just for a lil while then it was a good day. We all have lives we lead and EP shouldn't be the main focus, obviously during bad weather and the winter months I find regular people to talk too.  I don't expect to meet anyone here, although I did meet one and I often reflect positively on that time.  I found over time that I had like 300 friends!  I started looking and some weren't on for a over a year and some I wasn't even a friend just in thier circle.  I decided every few months I would clean out my circle of those friends who for whatever reasons we just don't talk or I find myself constantley reaching out to them to say hi and getting nothing back.  I noticed some people have like over 2,000 friends, I thought why?  you can't possibley interact with all them. Is EP suppose to be to see how many friends we can accumulate but never talk too?  Well, thats not for me. If I friend you that means I read your stories, like your experiences and found some common interest to chat.  It's not all about sex. I really enjoy responding to peoples questions asking for advice. I don't know it all but again if I can make some smile and they tell me what I wrote made them feel good then it was a good day. What did it cost me? a lil time? a lil compassion to help someone I never met, words on a screen, that works for me.  So I won't be collecting many friends and don't take the personal. I mean if you experiences and mine don't find some common ground and we are not going to talk whats the point of being friends of hundreds of others languishing on your friends list when we aren't even strangers on the street?  you know what I mean?  So think of that before you friend me and introduce yourself and say why you want to be friends. If you don't then don't expect me to friend you back.  If I don't friend you..I'll tell you why and don't take it personal, because I never made it to everyone's friend list. As a matter of fact, I appreciated the ones that took the time to say "I'm sorry but I don't feel we have anything in common" even if we did..not everyone is going to like you and what your beliefs and experiences are. If we do become friends and I find I'm always reaching out to you..and either get nothing back or a generic reply..I just unfriend you, Again, its nothing personal, just not what I am looking for.  I do understand you can't be on EP all the time especially in the summer, but If I don't hear from you after a few months I must assume you have given up on ep and moved on and so will I.  Its funny, I did make a lot of friends and talk to like 20 at any given time and then that slowly dwindle to less than ten.  Again, its not a magical number its who I chose to talk to because I enjoy it and they enjoy and like any other friendship you need to put time into it even knowing the limitations on here.    
Jackk45 Jackk45
46-50, M
Jul 19, 2012