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I am an Eighteen year old German girl (although I am part french and a tiny bit Russian), I'm married with a beautiful son and daughter (twins) although my marriage might be ending soon, although I'm catholic I'm only bisexual and have a thing for older women and I enjoy openly talking about most subjects.

My parents died when I was two years old and I was taken in by my husbands mother who became my legal guardian, I grew up in a nudist catholic family with four other children who I would consider my (non ******, non legit)brothers and sisters, my family means everything to me and I love from the bottom of my heart.

Some of the rules I have recently applied for my screening process for adding people are as followed:

1 - No perverts or weirdos with fetishes,  I'm married and dont need to flirt with the likes of you so you will not be added.

2- Due to the fact i post adult content I wont add anyone under the age of 16 and also I am not adding people over the age of 30 (with an exception to a few closer friends who are older than that) I'm looking to connect and chat with people are the same age as myself(18)

3 - I don't share pics or vids, I am on here to chat and share experiences and what not, not for to satisfy your weird little sex fetish or to flirt.

4- I don't discuss such subjects as WW2 or the Nazi's, that subject does not interest me. I'm German deal with it, where not all obsessed with the war

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I dont fit your criteria, nor do I add people as friends....but I wanted to say, well done on bringing up your twins at a young age. I've found marriage counselling a big help, it's worth considering. Like you, my family means everything so I hope your marriage lasts for the sake of your twins and family...marriage is like a tree, the roots cant be seen but they go deep and wide.