Who I Won't Add...

I'm a pretty easy going woman. I try to remain positive and honest. Yes, I've made my mistakes in the past, letting certain people get too close. I've learned and this is who I will add...

If someone fans me and we have common interests or friends, I will most likely add you. This shows me that we have something in common and probably can converse about it. If someone is really nice and comments on my stories I will add you. If someone is genuine, I will most likely add you.

If you are looking to Skype, do the cyber sex thing or want naked pictures, go somewhere else. I will not go there with you. I'm not here to hook up, have an online Dom or be someone's mistress. I'm here because I, like other TiH wives, find it hard to get support from real life friends or family.

Yes, I'm married. Very happily married. My husband and children are my life. I'm old fashion and I know I'm not everyone's cup of tea.

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Sep 1, 2012