The Ever Important... Rules

Okay lets start off with the basics, I am not here for a hookup, although I AM apart of many sexual groups. If that is what you are looking for sorry.

You will NOT be added if:

  • you are into any kind of sex with children

  • your profile is blank or you have no avatar - I need something to go of of to see if I think we even have anything in common.

  • you are under 18... sorry kiddo's my I have too many stories that are inappropriate for your young eyes.

Do not bother asking any of the following questions I will not give you this information:

  • where I live - no, the place I listed on my profile is not where I live

  • my phone number or personal email address or any other communications outside of EP

  • where I work

I will respond to messages that have content worth responding to. Please don't request to chat or skype.

I am here to share experiences in pain, hobbies, joy, life, love, family, etc.  I am also here to learn.. SEX is a PART of life, but its not the ONLY thing in life, keep that in mind. Please read some of my stories. Yes, I am into BDSM but not as a sexual interest only. I am an owned submissive, I have one, and only one master. Being relatively new to this lifestyle I am always eager to learn new things from other people, this is what prompted me to join EP in the first place.

I've never met anyone I that I couldn't learn something from.

If you are wanting me to add you because you want to have sex chat, video sex, or anything else to this point... don't bother. As a submissive, you would have to get permission from my master and I promise without knowing you, he won't give it.

In the End:

I am not here to impress or otherwise make anyone like me. If you don't agree with my stories or my interests then please don't add me. I am here solely to be able to share things about myself I couldn't otherwise share in everyday offline life with like minded people and to learn from them as well.

HuneyB75 HuneyB75
36-40, F
Sep 8, 2012