Just Know Me A Little Bit.

I'm a teenager, but I put my age older than I actually am. I am sorely sarcastic and enjoy asking idiotic questions (which they reward me for!). I don't like poor spelling (am part Nazi). I am asexual, meaning I lack sexual attraction. If you are going to tell me I am too young/haven't met the right person/have a brain problem etc., please do not add me. I have gender issues. I am not male, and yet not female either. I am accepting of people from all walks of life and appreciate others with a sense of humor. I don't think I am better than anyone else. You can message me if you want, but I am painfully random. I am a generally a very happy person, and am seldom depressed. Sorry if you catch me in a bad mood! Also, I pretend to be in love with people in my contacts, don't let it freak you out.

Zim out!
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3 Responses Sep 8, 2012

Interesting. You skim over things, but you're fairly clear. I consider calling yourself a grammar Nazi a challange. Rest assured I will carefully read whatever you write and knit-pick it into perfection! Make that an understanding between you and me. Your sexuality is of no consequence to me. I also find it easy to listen to and offer insight to others, and you'll find it quite impossible to freak me out. If you ask an idiotic question, I will carefully explain why it is and leave it, unless you bring it up again. You may choose not to answer this--fine. It might be fun to exchange responses with you, but then again-------<br />
<br />
In any case rest assured that I LOVE YOU , too. Noelle

Seems to match your character perfectly. Thanks for the clarity lol.

By "Nazi" I meant I'm part German and that I am a grammar Nazi. I don't know if that could have been misconstrued as I'm an anti-semetic bastard.

I know.

Now it all makes sense......sorta.

Which part?