I am Kind of A Big Deal, So Read This!

Due to me being a very important person in EP and thus life, my circle is ever increasing in size I thought it was time for me to write this. Here are some things you need to know about me before you fan me.

1. I will not add anyone under 6 feet 10 inches or over 6 feet 11 inches.

2. I have joined a lot of sex groups. This is for late night research only (before I go to sleep is my best research time).These groups do not define me, unless it is that 1.6 minutes before I go to sleep.

3. Since my circle is massive due to my overwhelming charisma I am no longer adding anyone who does not have a pet gerbil. However, if you click add and then re-add tens days in a row, I will add you as I have a stalker fixation. 

4. I am a hermit, with an active imaginary life. If I happen to be doing something important like moving around on my chair, I will not have the time to communicate. This is just one of the things that happen in my daily life. I am not ignoring you, I am just moving in my chair and will be done at some point.

5. I have some chronic health conditions, one of them involves extreme itchiness in my genital area. If this does occur during one of our convos, I will make you aware of it and expect your empathy. 

6. I can be very moody and and an emotional basket-case at times. I expect you upon my command to give me kind and cooing words. Ideally as you would speak to a small sickly weak baby.  My status may not state my breakdown, but I expect you to be aware of my every mood. Lastly, just know I am a genuinely nice person and love to make new friends. I have made some great friends on here and cherish them all and what they do for me.

7. If you disagree with anything I say, you are an idiot and will be blocked immediately. You obviously have no sense and must be mentally challenged. 

8/16/12.......IF YOU ARE INTO **********, ******, YOUNG GIRLS AND BOYS, "BREEDING" THEN MOVE ON! I FIND THE TERM BREEDING HIGHLY OFFENSIVE. PEOPLE WHO ARE INTO MAKING BABIES AS SPORT NEED TO GET A ******* CLUE. However if you are into Gerbil sex, I will gladly add you. 


Please respond with a "Meow" if you have read this and agree to my terms)
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8 Responses Sep 9, 2012

jjsorrrty i dont fit

come on...not a little Meow....

As someone allergic to cats I will "bowow" in agreement instead

how close are you to the 1.6 minute mark ?

About a minute these days. :)

meow. lmao.

interesting "meow" story.... i like!!!!

You like Gerbils?

emmmm...whats that??? ;p

Now that was funny
I take my hat off to you
oops sorry I have to go got an itch in the groin region
sorry to have to cut my response short but it is a REALLY strong itch!

i certainly understand lol

meow back to you. now that we have that out of way can i see your boobs. XD

crap johnny that for below. not that i am not for equality and all. :-)

I donèt show my boobs to strange men. the odd strange lady butt even then I ussually land up in trouble

LOL - I say check his out anyway!

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You're hilarious!!! My kitty says "meow" to your gerbil...LMAO!!!

michelle your response is under johnny. because of that you might have to show him too. :-)

well alright since I'm already under him... :o)

lemme see lemme see!

Okay...johnny you are gonna have to a trade with Michelle. :-)

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Good thing I'm already in your circle. Mine doesn't talk or say "Meow", especially when I'm dog-tired. lololol

Your so lucky. LOL

woof woof