Read Before Adding Me...

If you want to add me to your circle to follow my stories and experiences, I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts and experiences. As for who I choose to add, unless there are rare circumstances, I won't add someone who has no stories, no experiences, and or no pictures. People keep posting on my whiteboard asking for adds, when they themselves have nothing to contribute. One person went so far as to say that they have too many experiences to write them down. That has got to be the lamest excuse I've seen so far as to why their profile is empty.

People that interest me to add them:

EPers with stories and pictures on their profile
EPers who take the time to write and tell me more about themselves before asking for "plz ad" on my board
People who have experiences to share that are like my own interests (if you don't know what my interests are, read my stories)

I'm not judgmental about whatever fetishes or turn ons people have, but I don't necessarily feel the same way. Profiles that are mainly focused on men wearing women's clothing, panties, bras etc. does nothing for me and there is a good chance I won't add you. No offense, just don't have anything in common in that area.
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1 Response Sep 13, 2012

I like that honesty......good for you fella. :-)