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I really was trying to avoid writing this but I am getting one too many things that I need to make clear! If you want to be apart of my life (even online) please be aware of some things. Now I have added the disclaimer below as well!

*Please note some of my articles are based off of news stories or blog, if you see any copyrighted work anywhere please let me know if you are the author, I would be more than happy to take it down. I base my articles on observation only from what I write and do not assume anything nor will ever claim anything to be solely mine unless otherwise expressed, I will always express what is my point of view.

The 1961 Report of the Register of Copyrights on the General Revision of the U.S. Copyright Law cites examples of activities that courts have regarded as fair use: “quotation of excerpts in a review or criticism for purposes of illustration or comment; quotation of short passages in a scholarly or technical work, for illustration or clarification of the author’s observations; use in a parody of some of the content of the work parodied; summary of an address or article, with brief quotations, in a news report; reproduction by a library of a portion of a work to replace part of a damaged copy; reproduction by a teacher or student of a small part of a work to illustrate a lesson; reproduction of a work in legislative or judicial proceedings or reports; incidental and fortuitous reproduction, in a newsreel or broadcast, of a work located in the scene of an event being reported.”

First though, don't even bother adding me if you don't read all of this, I don't like lazy people.


I will not add you if (or a good way to "just" remain a fan lol)
 -Your profile is completely blank. I have no idea who you are just like you have no idea who I am. IF you want to add me and your profile is blank message me first and tell me why. I can understand if you use EP for questions or you just like to write confessions or your very new or your shy BUT I will not add you if you don't message me first. Usually what I have found on this site, when a profile is blank your a troll, period.


-I will NEVER add you is want something sexual. I will not add you regardless of you are if you message me about something cyber OR if you only have sexual groups listed. I don't care if you like to wet the bed or if you poop you pants or if you've scr3wed your sister, to each his/her own, it says a lot of what your looking for if those are the only things you have listed. BOTTOM LINE: what you are looking for is not the same as to what I am looking for.

I will add you if

+You are looking for genuine friendships. I don't do cyber, I'm not really good at online things here. I am truly on here to get to know others as well as myself a little bit more. I cherish people a lot and love adventures and experiences so yes I am looking for new friends. I don't add anyone who I don't think I will never talk to or might have a chance to meet in real life. I don't expect to meet everyone but I just don't add anyone who is not here for genuine thought or discussion.


+You make an attempt to get to know me, if you message me there is probably a good chance of me adding you to get to know you better. There is no sense adding someone whom I am not going to talk to. Ever.



"The views expressed by lowridergirl on ExperienceProject do not necessarily reflect or hold the views of other members, moderators, affiliates, or friends of lowridergirl.

Lowridergirl supports a positive identity and disapproves of all forms of racist or otherwise bigoted or inflammatory posts on the ExperienceProject website.

However, due to the nature of ExperienceProject, it is understood that such opinions might be expressed. All members are expected to familiarize themselves with the "Guidelines” of EP and post accordingly. Other hateful posts will be removed and it is lowridergirl's right to do so."
*****It is important to note not every opinion is in agreement with lowridergirl's opinion, therefore please use common sense! Thank you!

OK so I am very opinionated person when people come on to my website, they get insulting and rude (mostly trolls) I am a very blunt person I tend not to dance around subjects, but the one thing I can only go off of is only MY experiences as a human being and only MY opinions.

My opinions open a wide variety of things:

so this website here I can almost say is totally based off of opinions ONLY, people get that so confused here (as to some people the internet apparently is some serious business!) Get over it or get out. If you have questions or want to address me personally then do so, but keep it professional! I welcome people with opposing views, but I draw the line at backhanded insults. And please don't think just because you insult me does not mean I am going to change my opinion, having a huge ego doesn't say anything except for the fact that you are openly insecure. So keep this in mind and we will be good! I can get a long with people who are different than me, but don't step down to being garbage because you disagree. Thank you!

I will NOT tolerate:

-Hate speech
(You will be flagged)

-Hate against other members here on EP
(Lets keep this safe for other members)

-Blank Profiles



Further Disclaimer:

 There is a difference between a good knowledgeable discussion and abuse. Please do not go there. THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. I WILL FLAG IF I FIND IT NECESSARY TO DO SO! SO WANT A WAY AROUND THIS? EASY. DONT BOTHER ME!!! Thank you.

saintargentina saintargentina 26-30, F 16 Responses Sep 16, 2012

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I am quite sexual but please don't flag me!

Points taken.

well, i wanted to add you to my circle b/c of your lilith story. i had a debate @ this with my mom once, she'd never heard of lilith. they don't talk much about her in sunday school.

while reading the above, i saw Lowridergirl as your avatar name and thought it was some test to make sure people really DID read the whole thing. lol. then in the comments below you explain you changed your name. much more reasonable. :)

Haha thanks! First I was lowridergirl for a couple years and then Saint Argentina, as in the receptionist from Beetlejuice, Miss Argentina haha and now its Christfukk. :) I would gladly be your friend, also I am rather new to occult sciences though just to forewarn you, I didn't want you to go on misinformation because I cant teach anyone as I am learning myself.
..."she'd never heard of Lilith. they don't talk much about her in Sunday school."
...Haha its because well I don't view her as a demon but the ultra religious seem to therefore they probably leave that part out I imagine, they don't want certain truths known because they outed her as a demon even though she wasn't. I don't believe she's a demon but they the Christian faith named her a demon because God retaliated for her leaving Adam, even though Eve came along so evidentially it must not of been that big of deal. Therefore the relationship between Adam and Lilith was an abusive one. Lilith has an unfair rep ^_^

I've learned quite bit about Lilith. I'll look for your story about it.

You cracked me up actually.. :D

Thanks! I'm always good for a laugh xD

I had to put that up after I had a slew of different people telling me what I could or couldn't write about lol.

I'm confused. Are you lowridergirl?

Yeah.. I changed it a couple days ago :)

Ok. I began looking through your profile and came across this story and decided to read it. Had me lost for a minute. :)

hehe I confused you, sorry about that didn't mean to.. I changed my avatar completely to Argentina also XD

It's all good.

I bet you were like how did this person get into my circle?


Right. Actually I thought, why is this person referencing lowridergirl? That's just weird. Then I realized we were already friends and figured you must have changed names.

That is a familiar name.... Not! :)

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Whence such a narrative just for adding? I gather you've had a few quibbles with some of the folks on here.

Hi! I just found this comment I guess it was lost somewheres I was surprised to find it!

I don't have very many fights on here I try not to and if I do its from a misunderstanding usually.. this disclaimer is more for people who email me explicit things I don't like that.. I am here for real friendship and emailing a stranger you don't know might be for them and the way they want to live their lives but that kind of thing is just not for me.. it was just letting them know I don't like that or blank profiles. I have seen some disturbing stories around here and try to steer clear of them if I can o.O

That makes sense and I can totally see that.

That's a lot of stuff and it's quit bigger than the size of a regular EP story. You certainly put some effort over there to make yourself clear. Wishes to meet new friends.
I hope you remember our differences about the middle east issue but still i would like to be your friend, If it's okay with you. :)

Yeah I don't mind if people add me at all, but its mostly the troll accounts or other profiles on here that want to just argue or be disrespectful towards my friends on here.

Very reasonable dear. I wish more people were open and honest like this. I really wish more people would use the lets agree to disagree instead of the lets resort to insults. I like the way you think.

Hey thank you! I am that type of person, I have my limits of course but I don't like to fight unless someone is attacking my friends on here.. sometimes there needs to be things said, but that's why you say them and then move on. The person can either choose to think about them and hopefully they realize somewhere down along the road to change for the better or they will just stay the same. Either way nothing you can do but acknowledge it and say your piece and that's it!


Seems fair. I love your chain-letter status thingy, btw. And you write like your brain is noisy or something, lol...which is good. Means you're not boring.

lol thank you although I am quite boring :D

I doubt that. Maybe not for the one-track-minded types you're trying to avoid (as am I), but I prefer talking to people who can put a string of thoughts together. I think I let myself get pigeonholed on EP, and now I'm bored with it. But that's my issue. Anyway. Stick to your guns -- not that I need to tell you that... :)

too long

Your comment is too short.

OK....add me for 14 day trial period

'cause you have a cool name.

Do I get my refund back?


that's crappy customer service :'(

wait.....theres more

A discount?

better,buy two now & you get unlimited time

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You sound like a normal, everyday kinda person....but not afraid to speak your mind; that's refreshing!

And.....agree to disagree? Oh, absolutely!!!


Geoff x

That all sounds very reasonable.

Oooops, I had added you first before I stumble upon this story of yours :P
but I did add you because of your stories in catnip corner :D

lol well at least you commented me before adding :D

Well said LowRiderGirl. I loved Your honesty and articulation. People are so quick to judge others for the very things going on inside of themselves that freak them out. Inner sight and being brave enough to look into ones own thoughts and feelings makes us less judgmental, fearful and more accepting of ourselves and others. Hooray for You Lady and may I please request being friends as I ride a custom low rider as well lol? Sincerely, dave

Very well written. I agree with you 100 % about being true to yourself. What a wise woman you are !

Well written and I'm glad I read it. "Noisy brain," now there's a term I've never seen before...sounds like a good thing to me. Love the T-shirts in your avatar.