Stop, Read, And Know This About Me :)

i of course am a loveable respectful kind of person who loves to help other people thats one reason joined ep im always available to help any one judt message me or notify me in some way. heres one thing i think you should know my stories are kind of sad (if you see them that way) or depressing. so if you dont like that stuff at all then dont add. if you dont miind it then the button is right there so yea. im dealing with some problems at the current moment (i mean we all are) but im dealing with things like abuse and self harm bulemia etc etc . i am a christian so i might say something about jesus in a story but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. i dont talk about him all that much becuase i dont want to offend anyone but i felt that was important to say. i love when people comment and give me advice not for likes i mean im not an attention seeker. but i am dealing with tough issues and each and every one of your comments actually help i dont just read thim i try to apply it in some way in my life. and i like comments because it makes me feel less lonely. oh and i have mild profanity so keep that in mind. you can love me or you can hate me i dont give a **** but so yea its up to you
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18-21, F
Sep 18, 2012