Just So You Know

I do not post nude pics nor vids of myself and I do not skype or cam . . .
I do not friend those who have no profile nor stories nor groups . . . if you have nothing to offer I don't see the point . . .
and although I have many sex groups that is not the reason I'm here . . . so if you message me with only that in mind . . . you will be ignored . . .
and finally . . . I don't do friend collectors . . . I like to keep a tight circle.
thank you for reading this first.
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Straight to the point but nice!

Thanks for the note!

Noted and acknowledged ::

thank you kind Sir . . . 8D

love you for all the above reasons good on you girl

awww . . . love you too Sir T . . . xoxoxox

Sounds like me :)

me as well!!!

lol . . . sweet . . . and welcome to my circle . . . 8D

well thank you! glad to have you!

Some of us have large groups of friends just because we have been around so long and cant find the time to keep our lists updated

like the straightforwardness...good to make the expectations clear...now I know I should not be talking about such stuff with you...but we can still be friends :)

thank you for reading this first . . . always appreciated . . . just curious . . . you have nearly 700 friends . . . why me ? . . . I keep a tight circle and try to stay in touch with everyone in it . . . would seem a bit of a burden for you . . . with so many other friends and all . . .

you are welcome :)
I say to each his/her own...yup, I have close to 700 friends...but I dont talk to all of them...at the same time, I am not collecting friends...if I see someone interesting enough to connect with, I add them...sometimes there is an instant connect and we are friends for life...honestly, the ratio is small...so thats my tight circle for you :)
sometimes or rather most of the times, it doesnt work out well...so they just stay on the list...no harm in that :)

so there is my principle of having friends here on EP...
if you feel adding one more to your tight circle would be a burden, I would for sure understand :)

not at all my friend . . . welcome aboard . . . I appreciate your views and thanx for thinkin' I'm interesting enough . . . lol . . . we can give a go . . . it we click cool . . . if not no biggie . . . always worth a try . . . 8D

I like that attitude...appreciate the add :)

so now where do we begin...lol

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From one fellow pagan to another....love your style....

Geoff x

thank you my new friend . . . 8D . . . you seem pretty cool yourself . . . love and light . . .


Just realised that I never added you at the start of the month!!!



Geoff xx

i agree 100 percent. the beast within empty eyes choked me. you did good. i have 2 on my profile page im new at this and still learning. thanks for the emotion

what a beautiful comment . . . thank you . . . I wish you the very best and welcome to ep . . . may all your experiences here be great ones . . . 8D


conditions accepted :)
add me if u like

ok w/ me . Add me if you like . If not - oh well ;)

Just looking for some friends with at least one common interest. Only here for fun. Have a girlfriend, not looking to meet anyone in person. Just here to share. Please add me if you want.

Well said

thank you . . . 8D

Well said. Short and simple! May I be added to your circle?

yes sweetie . . . hop aboard . . . thank you for your friendship and welcome to my circle . . . 8D . . .

Thank you :-)

read as requested :)

haha . . . and I thank you . . . 8D . . . xoxoxox

Loooo mm,we share close friends,and they said i should add you,so came here first as required! :)

sweet . . . welcome aboard . . . 8D

Beautifully short and to the point. It is sad that there must be so MANY with the same cautions, and yet those for whom the caution is intended, never seem to read anything (they just look at the pictures!).

It seems reasonable.

thank you . . . I try to be . . . 8D

Well Stated.. Why be here, like life, just to observe and not participate.

thank you . . . to each their own . . . and this is mine . . . 8D

I find it poor commentary on this site that you feel I presume form exp. (pun intended) that you need to say that first sentence. I find it amusing that people come here for that. when there is a whole Internet out there with tons of that stuff.

what the hell . . . poor commentary . . . try this side of it . . . and I don't know you from a hole in the ground . . . so why you gotta take it personally ? . . . I am glad you are amused as I am busy raking them off . . . have a nice day . . .

I did not mean that as a slight agents you. Quite the opposite. I meant that it is sad that it is necessary not that you are sad for saying so. I was not taking it personally, nor did I mean to belittle you in any way. If I offended you I apologizes.

oh . . . k . . . 8D

I appreciate honest, sincere and discrete friendship! We are around the same age and I think we can share some experiences! plz add me!

well at least you read this first anyway . . . I checked your profile out . . . had you read mine you would know I am not interested . . .

most of those things on my profile and groups are just for fun! I have the serious and respetful side also! no problem anyway thanks fro reply

Love it! Right to the point.....

thank you sierra for reading and commenting . . . I try to keep things simple but I'm still often amazed at how many just don't get it . . .

Sadly, some of the worst offenders in here NEVER read stories or try to find about about folks...Them I delete and block if they become too much of a pain... There are enough nice folks who can and want to have a good conversation to more then make up for the folks who don't.... :)

oh most definitely . . . I cherish this place . . . and obviously it is the people who make it what it is . . . and for me a blessing . . .

common sense, except to a large multitude

yup . . . thank you for reading and commenting . . . 8D

So wait, this isn't one of those sites? What the?! And here I thought I was going to see you naked. :(

Way to go! I have a lot of people friend me and sometimes with my busy schedule I accept only to find out later that they like to pee on their sister while eating out of the litter box. What a group we get on here.

LMAO . . . OMG . . . HAHAHAHAHA . . . oh dear lord . . . I am in tears that was soooo freakin funny to me . . . thank you my friend for this . . . absolutely precious . . . and oohhhh sooo true . . . 8D

Hey, wanna skype? Lol. I get so sick of the random messages from those kinf of people. It's like... "ok, female... I'll send a message. Oh, another female. Let me send a message." All they see is that F beside your age. Nothing else. ******* perves!

HAHAHAHAHA . . . . you're awesome chickie . . . thanx for that . . . 8D

You're pretty awsome yourself!

hehehe . . . why thank you my friend . . . 8D