What You Should Know

I will generally add back people who add me, but.... I have boundaries. I'd like to believe I am a friendly person, but if anyone who adds me crosses them, I will remove them. Before I add someone, I look at their profile. If that profile doesn't give me a reason for us to be friends, I will not add. Do not take it personally, please. If you have a special interest or a special question, feel free to ask, I will answer.

I have been raped twice. Thus I am not at all interested in sex - be it discussing it or trying it - on here. If I decide to face it, I face it in the real world with the person I trust and love.
I am in a loving relationship and I do not look for anything else.

I am here because I find the place fascinating and love the idea of sharing experiences anonymously.
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26-30, F
2 Responses Sep 20, 2012

I understand you

I will respect your wishes.

Thank you :)