I Am Here To........

make friends only. I am happily single and I intend to stay that way. I enjoy reading real life experience stories and talking to people who have good things to say. I want to take away the good with me and leave the bad behind. I am not here to play head games or get caught up in drama. I do not care for nudity of any kind so kindly keep it for those who like that sort of thing. You must know that to gain trust and respect you have to earn it and then it will be returned back to you in two fold. I also like the freedom to write what I feel. Please....trolls, perverts, etc. please stay in your corner and I will stay in mine. I believe in God the Father, Jesus his only begotten son, the Holy Spirit, His Angels that do His bidding and in all of the Saints. I believe that if you put good out there then it will be returned to you. I do not add someone simply because they ask to be my fan. I will read your stories and look over your groups to see if we could be compatible and then I will make my decision. Thank you for taking the time to read this before you think about adding me to your circle.
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Thank you.

Well said