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Just In Case ...

I don't have many people adding me, but thought I should write this to make things clear.

1) If you add me, then I sincerely appreciate your interest in me. Although I do question your sanity but that's beside the point. Please see point 7.

2) It'd be nice if you send more than just an orange little indicator on the friend "bubble". If you just show up out of nowhere, then I'm kinda left wondering why on earth you'd want to add me and then I'd REALLY have to question your sanity. Please see point 7 again.

3) If you have abs and you show them on your avi pic, you're automatically a friend of mine and you receive a gift certificate to the "Vain-r-us" store. We'll go shopping together ... I have no idea what I mean by that, but someone's gotta have some humour here.

4) I rarely add people first. Not that I don't like people. I genuinely do. Just that the only difference between having you "officially" as a friend or not is usually just your pics. And I really don't care what you look like as long as we have friendly, fun and witty interaction.

5) Contrary to what SOME of my friends on here think, I'm not really a huge flirt. Well, maybe I am with some people I know on here. But hopefully that's not ALL we do ... it's so much for fun to flirt while getting to know someone. IF I do flirt, then know that whatever I say is based on an honest compliment so don't think it's not sincere. In other words, I'd never try to flatter you for the sake of flattering you.

6) There are people on my friends list who are especially special to me. Please treat them with respect, no matter how they may appear to come across on their profile or avi pic.

7) Please send your psychiatric assessment report as soon as practical in order to explain why you would even WANT to be my friend on here.

8) There will be a final exam after which you will be officially labeled insane and added to my friends list.

9) If you think these rules are too complicated, then just ask me to add you, I probably will as long as you're not into some major weird stuff that would embarrass my mother since one of my friends on here is her ... just kidding btw, that'd be kinda freaky if she was.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to your friendship and I wanted to thank you for considering to add me. Just don't be surprised if you want to leave my circle after getting to know me more ... the one's who have stayed are the one's I've successfully brainwashed.
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I love this, just wish I would have written it :-)

How do you know you didn't? Maybe you did and you just don't remember ... and I copied it from you! O_O

It's possible but I am not totally senile (yet) :D

Hmm ... would a senile person know or not whether they're senile? ;)

Oops. I added you to my circle before reading this. But now that I've read it, I'm glad I went with my instinct and added you pre-maturely as it were :)

You do understand that this premature action requires you to take a picture of your abs right? O_O

lol wow i need to make a list like this....only mine would include a rule #10: if you are a perv, even speak tha word diaper, or talk about stupid stuff like peeing your clothes...ima have to send ur request to tha trash, cya, nothing personal, just business.

Haha I love this you sound a lot like me.

Good God! Shall I call the psychologist or will you? O_O

Oh no not me I'll never admit it to a psychologist

You DO know they monitor your EP account don't you? O_O

Busted lol they got to find Mr first catch me if you can weeeee

Mr?!?! O_O You're a dude?!?!? O_O!!!!! :p

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If I add you, can I skip number 8? I have a problem with final exams, they don't like me

So this means I should expect a pic of your abs? O_O ... btw, I just realized that ab statement makes no sense now since I changed my profile pic :/

you'll get one as soon as I locate them

Lol ... You're not so bad in the humour department yourself! :D

Since you rarely add people first and I may have only done it once or twice, then we will prolly never become circle friends Haha! But I like reading your stories, so I guess I will just pop over occasionally and see what you are up to!!

Rarely doesn't mean never and one or twice says you've done it before so we still have a fighting chance :)

You are hilarious. Laughing is my most favorite thing to do. Too funny. ;)

Haha thanks! ... sorry, I just saw your comment now :)

haha, interesting. I am not sure if I should add you or not. I need to have a reason. So far you seem to be fun and straight forward. But I need to know more. I might read your other stories and then decide to add you... but you couldnt care less.

WHAT?!?! OF COURSE I care! :)

Please, I beg.... do not add me...... PLEASE!

Hahaha. Lol.,okay,I'll start with a

Knock knock!

Whooooo's theeeeeere? ;)


Hmmm ... ok, I'm gonna fall for it ... handsome who?

Handsome money under the door so I could tell you when you open!


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Wow! You put me to shame with your I just feel worthless.
This is almost exactly what I would write if I had the time.
Geez! I'm gonna go cry now! Thanks!

Btw, you can view my psych eval as well as that of my dear friend Hongruilin, here:
It's her story. My eval is in the long running replies.

Ahh, so he did. Please see my album entitled "Situations I Like to Be In"
The first pic shows some abs.

Ok, you guys win ... I had absolutely NO CLUE what the heck you guys were talking about in that thread, lol ... You two get to automatically go to the psychiatric ward without passing "Go!" ... separate rooms though, we can't have you multiply :p

It's tough being the third leg of the crazy horse, huh? C'mon ... you can join my club ... it's waaaaay cooler anyway :p

Me thinks the waaaaay cooler club just got cooler ... Hongruilin Coolio ...

Let's polka! :D

Wait ... before we do, do we have our plaid shirts and overalls on? O_o

Shhhh ... don't tell everyone else you're topless O_O

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Hahaha this made me laugh. That's some pretty funny stuff. Thanks for making my day. :)

No problem! Glad you enjoyed it ... but I warn ya, now that you've laughed, that's a sure fire sign that you are totally insane and that, my friend, may require psychiatric help in the very near future ...

Haha oh really?? Totally insane?? Kinda like the sound of that.. Is that crazy?? Lol.

Sounds like it's too late for you : ... don't worry, I'll visit you in the mental ward and sneak some cupcakes in for you ... don't mind them if there's a bite in them, cupcakes are my favourite.

Oh perfect plan of escape. You can hide the key in one of the cupcakes. It can be in the one with green sprinkles. Oh and can they have creamcheese frosting?? or buttercream icing..whichever's best. :)

Ahhhh ... sneaky! You've done this before! And creamcheese frosting OR buttercream icing?!?! Are you asking me to choose!?!?!? Heck woman! I'm bringin' both for ya! :D

But of course.. Lol I mean how do you think I'm able to be on this website and talk to you?? Haha. and thanks. I can never seem to choose between the two. Lol.

You mean EP isn't part of your psychotherapy?!?! It is mine! ... hmmm ... perhaps they've been lying to me ... maybe this IS damaging to my brain! O_O ... And your welcome! Just share ... that's all I ask :)

Are we experiencing some sort of a breakthrough here?? Lol. No problem. Obviously the one with the key is mine though ;)

I believe we just might be! I'll be outta here in no time ... but I'd rather escape with you. Your wolf will protect me, right? O_O

Lol well there's no need to leave. but yea of course. I mean the wolf mainly protects me, but I'm sure it can protect you if you stay close ;)

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Welcome to the loony bin, I like your creative mind

Hmmm are you saying you're a fellow looney?!?! O_o ... Welcome! :D

absolutely one of the best, or is ir worst?? :)))

:) Am I supposed tp put one of my tummies as my Avatar or all 6....? ;)

I think we can start with three and see how it goes :) You wouldn't want to open your robe up all at once now, would you? true...gotta build up to the finale...

Terrific! To the point and for my request ;-)

I got it! ... now ... where's the psych report? O_O

Hmm....mine or yours? :-P

Oh, they've already assessed me and it doesn't look good ... was wondering if you were worth trying to save from my madness! :p

Two kooky personalities? Could either be a whole lot of fun or send us to the mental asylum. ;-)

Maybe we'll just have fun at the mental asylum ... ;)

Sounds perfect! Let's run amok!

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Haha thats great, well done. :)

Well you know ... it's all about the gold star, lol :P Thank you btw :)

Can't wait for my final exam.

I would just be careful what you ask for ... it does include a rigorous mental exam and a physical endurance test ... after all you'll need a lot of patience with me ;)

Do tell.

Uhhhh .... uh oh ... O_O

This made me laugh so hard!

Lol ... glad it did ... you do know that uncontrolled laughter is the first sign of insanity don't you? ... that means, WELCOME TO MY CIRCLE! :D

In that case I'ma psychopath! Thanks for the welcome xD

Good God ... not another one ... -_- ... lol

oh yes, another one. ahahaha!

Well ... all I can say is ... HOP ON THE BANDWAGON THEN! There's plenty o' room here for another nutcase ;P

Good, because I planned on coming either way ;D haha

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u forgot about when the men in the white shirts are coming

Ahh! ... little do you know that they've already come for me ... I escaped ... O_O

wonder where youd got to lol

LOL.. that was funny... will add u.. :P

Thanks lol ... it's fun talking to you too ;)

Man I wish I would have read this before I added you :) It's good stuff!!

Well, I just wrote it so it would have been impossible. But now that you know ... you can decide your fate :p

Already did that never said I was the sainest person..too late now.. :)

Btw..I hope I'm one of the special ones but...yea I know..:)

I know what you mean ... sometimes we're beyond hope :p lol ... and yes! "Special" is DEFINITELY one way to describe you ;)'s ok I can live with not being one of the "Special Ones"...:)

lol ... you know I'm kidding ;)

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