Before You Add Me Read This. Don't Skim, Read It All

There's a few things about me that can be irritating, so I think it's fair to let you know
1) I am a Christian, however I am not a homophobe, racists, close minded, or hypocritical. Please don't lump with the stereotypes of my religion

2) I don't take compliments well, so please don't compliment me or I may turn into the awkwardest person on the planet

3) I tend to tell you exactly what I'm thinking..... I have no tact so don't get offended if I skip the B.S

4) Even though I am a Christian, I can be really hateful, especially if you insult my friends

5) I am meaner to myself about things like my weight than you could ever be so don't even try

6) I laugh about a lot of my physical flaw, but it kinda hurts when other people do it.

7) I tend to be a sad person who doesn't always show it

8) I don't wear my heart on my sleeve, don't expect me to spill my guts everytime you ask me a question

9) I'm a girl, but I don't cry..... like at all, it isn't because I have no heart, I just don't like to cry

10) I'm a right wing conservative who loves my country, but I'd love to hear your opinion if you're different, just please don't expect me not to rebuff what you say.

11) I hate ignorant people. I can get really mean if you're being ignorant.

12) I love animals

13) I have a paralyzing fear of crickets and grasshoppers.

14) I have a dirty mind, don't get offended if I make dirty jokes

15) I use profanities

16) I use copious amounts of vocabulary just to beguile the reader into thinking I'm intelligent

17) I'm so full of sh*t my eyes are brown

18) I have a British sense of humor.... sorry

19) If your purposefully ignore me I will hunt you down and kill you...... jk....... probably just maim you.

20) I'm really passionate about my beliefs, my country, and my guns

21) I'm a little bit country

22) I love all types of music

23) I easily offend people..... so please don't get offended when I offend you as I undoubtedly shall

24) I have a song/movie quote for everything

25) I sketch anime and manga sometimes

26) I am a writer

27) If you take the time to get to know me I get really attached...... like REALLY attached and it devastates me if you get to know me then leave.

28) I can't hold a grudge, it's my weakness..... so if i get mad at you, I won't be in an hour

29) It's your and you're and two too and to and their and there..... i will correct you.

30) I'm a nerd, but at the same time i'm not

31) I love martial arts!!!!

32) I have a dark side, bring it out and you'll regret it

33) I won't judge you if you won't judge me, but judge me and honey it's on

34) I'm southern so I say sweetie and honey and i love sweet tea fried chicken, mud and trucks. I say yes ma'am if you don't like it then i don't give a d*mn

35) I'm a teenage girl, which means I have mood swings, boy trouble, I will complain about my vag1na, and can change my emotions in a second so please keep that in mind and if you take the time to get to know me, you won't regret it
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sweet statement,,awesome southern lady