Hi There.

Most people write these to prevent people from adding them and it usually works. I often don't care who adds me. Not many people do, but when they do it's usually those who only have sex related experiences. I'm not here for sex so I most definitely will not add you back if the majority of your experiences are sex related..

If I add you it means I found a comment of yours to be witty, intelligent and sometimes amusing. It doesn't matter how many experiences we have In common.

If I don't talk to you after adding you/you adding me, it means my life is busy and I'm not good at starting conversation. So please, feel free to message me any time and I will reply at my earliest convenience.
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me too...I always accept decent thoughts only...people must respect women, they are the creators of the world as mothers, sisters, friends...Behave as respectful person, respect others and have respect...That is my opinion for all EP friends

Oops sorry I didn't read this first. Now I have!

I hope you add me I deeply respect nature and people. I try to always act in a way to bring honor to myself and those around me

Pretty much EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON who's added me is about 40, male and has sexual experiences... ¬¬ so I can relate...

well so do I.I too am a nature freak....AND I AM certainly not so cheap to add those perverts all around!!! we seem to have good nature in common!