Looks Can Be Deceiving.

don't judge me.

for those of you that are just sick minded, sex addicts, or simply after a 'one night stand'; then you've got the wrong person. dont assume ill give in based on my looks; because there's no way in the world that I'll put up with your filthy ****.

for those of you that do get accepted, don't act like sleaze bags. respect me, &i promise to respect you back.

most importantly, be a helping hand to those that need it. im not asking for too much. but what i do ask of, needs to be followed.
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10 Responses Nov 11, 2012

Said the undergrad. Nice.

nice!! I like words which comes from heart...good!! :)

really true.

I think your story's are so true with lots of meaning and help in then. Add me to your circle please? :)

Hah so straight forward and too the point, well done.

You are very direct which is good and I like it.
I believe you should treat people the way you want to be treated

...well said !!!

Well said.


I enjoy reading your stories. Please add me:)

yeah, I agree with what u said..