Please Read This Thanks !!!!!!

Do not think i will just add you.. I will check out your profile first..hahaha...I will add you eventually but give me a chance..

Please have patience..I have recently added new members and i am trying to respond to everyone.

Please give me a chance to answer everyone.. I am also trying to respond to storys i have written. I will try to do the best i can. I try to get back with everyone the best I can..

Like everyone else i have good and bad have tender fingers and stop pressing keys thinking i am ignoring you...

Happy times and Lotsa laughs..X

dreamcatcher60foru dreamcatcher60foru
56-60, F
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You sound like a bundle of fun with a good sense of humour!

Cool post. Thanks for laying it out

Hi I added you to my circle, new and just trying to find people with similar experiences to talk to.

Hi dreamcatcher. Thank you for your explanation. I will wait patiently for you to add me if you want to. I know I am older than most but I am not dead yet. lol

lol... none of us are dead yet.. done and added ..thank you for your patience...have a great weekend .. enjoy ....xx

well i do understand of having bad day's coz i am going through that too. i enjoy making friends getting to know them on daily bases. and sharing my self. very openminded guy i am. married to a 26 year old love of my life. altho EP is just to me but at some point i get stuck in life and EP has always helped me getting things done. i think i should stop babbling Hope to be part of your friends. Feel free to ask anything you have in mind don't be shy. Enjoy and hope you recover form your bad days.

you are lol...have a great weekend..xx


Well said dreamcatcher60foru

thank you...sorry i am very behind.. i have added you..xx

Thank-you dreamcatcher60foryou for the add

I am impatient, grumpy and choleric, when not added within ten minutes after asking to be added....... That's what a lot people are like.

IF some people would just have half the patience they expect of others, life would be so much easier.
I politely, but firm order you to read my profile and then decide to add me.

tysvm..although you have well passed the 10 min mark lol...
i have only grazed your profile... but will chop it up now... and throughout the day.... hahaha....
enjoy and have a wonderful day....xx *giggles tremendously*

LOL...seems the cosmic fates have decided that today was a bad day for us too. No powerball win for us. Otherwise, things are fair to middlin'. We just hope your good days equal and, in fact, exceed the bad ones. Sad fact is that without the bad days we wouldn't know we were even having good days.
Goddess bless,
Scott and Irene

you are so very right.. I have more good than bad..but the day i wrote this i seemed to be having a row of bad days lol ...please take no offense...i have noted what you said and you are so right.. i can distinguish them apart..xx thank you so very much for sharing that...xx

Yes we all have bad days, you will come out of them eventually.

well i do not think for a bit anyway hahahaha
you've been added...i am just behind ..playing catch up .. ;)

Well said and is a fair ask

you've been added...i am just behind ..playing catch up .. ;)

Ok sounds good Hun ill wait for ya

thank you... your patience is greatly is appreciated..

I hope your days get better. Please take care.

they are better ..metaphorically speaking lol

we all have dreams and maybe both of ours will come true. we will be talking soon,hope you have a better day tomorrow.

tysvm..i am always having good days..this is for the punchy you have been added have a most wonderful day i am again playing catch up.. lol

Fair enough . When you get the time , will you please add me as your friend ?

you have been added..ty for your patience..enjoy and have a great day..xx

Well said:) :)

Oh cumm see my throbbing **** on my yahoo messager.I just love to show it all and I'm sure a mature woman like you could appresiate it.

oh you did not just go there ..i can not even see your pics here.. you need to add me .. then i can take a look here.. then i will decide from there...i don't really appreciate anything until i get to decide for myself......thank you...have a great evening !!!!!

Please add me when you can. Thanks, babe!

added..have a good night and enjoy !!!

Thanks, babe! Be well!

Great post and I hope to be lucky enough to be added...I'll wait semi patiently lol.

lets see how semi patient you are lol .. have a great night.. lol

I got lucky...thank all of your pretty pics!

tysvm..have an awesome day !!!!

Well,i'm not sure where you live,but big thrill is licking on a *****.I really don't expect to get on your friend list,but I love leaving messages to mature women.Sex without fore play isn't good sex,you've got to build up to it.I hope your one of those women that likes your ******* sucked.I must admit,I'm the type of guy that loves thinking about sex when I'm not having it.I do have some naked pictures of myself on my profile,and I'd love for you to take a peek.

you would be surprised as to what some people might do if you have patience and a bit more finesse..but i admire your i read some of your stories.. you seem pretty much true to your word.. enjoy and have an awesome day !!!!

thanx. take your own time. good wishes.

I'm glad that I am patient. Take your time. I know that you are probably busy just like me. I hope that you do add me even though, some of my experiences might make you not want to be my friend.

well i am glad you are patient too. as for your experiences i guess that will have to be my decision..i dont judge anyone.. who knows you may not like all mine hahahahaha......

Ok sounds good to me. It doesn't matter if I don't like all of your experiences. What matters is if we some experiences in common and be good friends even though you are older then me but I don't care.

Take your time I bet it will be worth it.

you can let me know lol !!!!

No worries. Think I am a patient person. Loved to be added if you feel so inclined. Dx

patience is a virtue...if you still carry that, then there is more to be said, than just the average thank you...xx

I really liked that spirit guiding thing and was going to request u until I saw that n patriots. So sorry u just went from like an 8 to a 2 in my book. Denver Broncos for life. We will see u in in the playoffs next year when we drop 5 sacks or more on Brady at home in Denver in a patriots beat down.

lol yes ok ..we will see.. dont do not need to request anything....dropping from an 8 to a 2 was my pleasure.. saved me giving the 1 and 0 to you ...try to have an awesome season next year we will see who gets the beat down when Brady takes the N.E. Patriots to a Grand Season again....

I like your post later [ see my profile befor add me ] like it.

thank you...i did :)

I must say you have made me feel valued and cared for since adding me. Ty for taking the time to learn about me and to make comments in regards to things I have shared. It means a lot to me and I kook forward to knowing you better.

You are very have soo many.. i try to go through a few everyday but it is alot....anyhow.....i am loving getting to know you so much more... the pleasure is all mine..thank you so much for sharing ~~~~~so awesomely interesting.....

Yes I understand to your conditions for adding... But in spite of it I would like to be added eventually... ;-)

Sounds fair enough,and clear to me.

thank you...