You've Been Warned

I feel kind of awkward about posting this.... I have no idea why, just feels awkward.... but here it is.

1. I like to wear suits. They make me feel more acceptable to the general public.

2. I'm a Christian, though I often don't act like it.

3. I am straight, but that doesn't mean I'm homophobic so chill.

4. I struggle with chronic depression, don't pity me for it, just be aware.

5. I'm very insecure

6. Most of my friends would disown me if they knew I had a profile on here.

7. I am not the type to rant on websites like this.... at least I don't seem like it

8. I am a very athletic person

9. I play fantasy football and baseball.... don't ever insult Green Bay..... I will hurt you. Clay matthews is a beast.

10. I'm a Tea Partiest..... That's a political party for those of you who don't know and NO we're not all wackos.

11. I'm full of bull :D

12. I use profanities, if you don't like it..... leave......

13. Don't try to argue with me.... at least not over the internet, I can't hit you then.

14. I'm violent.

15. I will always respect women, no matter what they say to me, I will never hit a woman

16. I will compliment you

17. I hate seeing people hurting and will do anything to help.

18. I am a Ford Loyalist

19. I have very dark humor

20. I'm a country boy at heart, even though I wear a suit, take me to a field and I can still rope cattle and gut a hog.

21. I like country girls, but I don't date only country girls.

22. I may be technically a man by government standards, but I really am a teenager at heart still.

23. I have more dates with my Xbox than I do with women.

24. Some women scare me and I'm not afraid to admit it.

25. I'm not perfect, don't expect me to be

26. I love the word bubbles.... it cracks me up

27. I'm obsessed with music, all kinds of it.

28. I'm not a nerd, but sometimes I wish I was.

29. I will defend my friends til death.

30. I love my country, and am hoping after college to fight for my freedom.
PerditionWalk PerditionWalk
18-21, M
Nov 27, 2012