New Policy

It was just too time consuming looking at profiles etc to ascertain adding or not. I have no issues people seeing my nude pics as I do have them on a public sight anyway.

I will add everyone most times but the following will apply:

Do not expect me to be responding to email or correspond with you if the following applies:

- Your are into Diapers, peeing, pooing
- Cross-dresser
-No pics of yourself in your profile
-NO Cam, Yahoo or private email requests- No ******* time
- I am not into kinky sex like domination, punishment and being a Dom etc. find someone else.
- Requesting specific pics. If not happy with what is in my profile go **** yourself . I will most likely block you.
If you send me an email and say "HI," with nothing else expect to be blocked. Why waste time saying nothingĀ 

In additional if I do not respond to emails remember you have friended me not me friended you so if you are unhappy that I do not respond in a timely manner you are most welcome to remove me as a friend.

I am not hear to attend to all your needs.

Guys who hassle me about wanting to see their **** pics, remember I have seen plenty of ***** so I will choice to look if I so desire so you risk of being removed and blocked.

I can be a ***** and I know it so upset me and I will just remove you

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21 Responses Nov 29, 2012

keep it all upfront, love to be ur friend!!

Now that is a quick and succint post.. Well done..!

Hey babes, i think this means we can be friends xxx

Love your honesty and direct approach

good honesty and straight forward intent. I love it.

Nice love to b ur friends thanks

I respect and understand what you have written. Please add me:)

And I hope you get better soon! How sad!

I like the way you talk. Very straight and should be like that.

Haha I like that.

Well put!!! I like that you know where you stand and expect others to understand that because after all, when all is said and done you are a woman who deserves respect. Plain and simple.

fair response, but I would sincerely like to see more of your photos
may I be added, please?

Perfectly respectible

Hi. How can you have pics on a public sight? I've been trying, but still couldn't...

Well stated! Should weed out some of the ******** out there for you. Hope you are well.

I like your style

YOur "rules" are fine with me...would you please add me?

I understand. It is too much trouble trying to keep the perfect friends list. My only communication will be comments.

Wow sounds like you have been thru a lot.

In addition to all of your demands you should expose the ******** that are giving you all of this trouble!! I hope this takes care of it and you won't have anymore problems!

nice post, i feel the same way when guys try to force their **** pics on me.. and i am not a crossdresser, i am transgender, thank you