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I am writing this open letter to potential circle members. I want them to know who I am before they add me. I am an open book with the bindings torn. I like people who don't take this too seriously. But, know the compassion to answer a serious question with true help and support if you have it in you.I know we lack facial expression and voice tone here. Which makes it impossible to gauge how one is really feeling towards you in a response in question and answers (Q&A).Which is my favorite part of EP. I pretty much live there in my space time as a second home.

I promise never to lie to you on this site. I know some people say that and its not really true. I say what I think and don't censor myself that often. I do however try to be tactful and sincere in my postings yet it does get misread by some. I have been blocked by a few people for this reason. I will never apologize for who I am or what I stand for. I hope you would never either.

I come to Experience Project aka EP to relax and interact with people who make me laugh and smile. I can never have too many friends on here. I do enjoy each and every one of you for bringing something special to my questions. I love to answer with quick wit and hope that I am helpful to you when you do need real support. Because, I am after all very human like you. I am not just a username and avatar. I have a heart and eyes that cry tears.

I add people who I may find similar to myself or completely opposite. I enjoy all types of humans! . I do not mind fans, ceiling ones are lovely!! you dig?
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27 Responses Nov 30, 2012

You seem like a legit woman - hopefully we can be friends one day :)

If this was meant to be a deterrent, it didn't work. You're actually pretty cool.

I can dig it.
Add me
I just did you.

Good Story. I like pragmatic people. Life is difficult enough, I'm not interested in playing those kinds of games.

I think thats a fair statement

Interesting part of you seen right here. Excellent.

I totally believe that you are sincere, honest and real ( is that redundant?). Also, very smart and amusing.

well said

Who says we dont have facial expressions? :P

Cool. let's be friends.


Hey when i last looked i was human also so hello kathryn I'm tony also very real,enjoyed the read, se ya


hahaha, I like your sense of humor. Laughing is good for the soul.

I "DIG" you. Right down to the Ground. I can testify I find you to be a Very Good, and Honest Person,and One of The Sweetest. :)

add me to ur frd circle please, need some helpful faith ful people like you

Sounds cool.

I'm more of a swamp cooler...or one of those annoying misty things....rock on and be zen!

I dig

LOL @ ceiling fans. I am a wobbly ceiling fan.

very well said ,,,,,infact cool...

I think we are enough alike to get along ok

Haha very nice :)

I agree it's important to be legit on here, also to express yourself without filters (also with the absence of disrespect). I also believe it's good to have varied perspectives. OK to have opinions too, I will never apologize or censor mine. More power to ya !

Where was this when we added each other? Now you warn me! Lol love ya!

wow.. well those are some really good points there.. :) i hope we can interact and get to know eachother... you seem to take things more seriously than others..

Glad to have your friendship =D