Hello People

I'll want to add you if you are intelligent and articulate or you make me laugh. If I am minded to I will make a comment. I do not look before I read to check your gender, age or interests.
I am not looking to see naked pictures or go on web cam for nude 'fun'.
I have a very hot girlfriend who is more than willing for nude fun. I'm very happy with her and most of the time she will be next to me on her own laptop.

Nor do numbers bother me. If my friend count is zero or 100,000 is irrelevant. Nor am I here to make your numbers look good. I am not going to lay down rules for my friendship ie you must comment on my posts or you must come and chat I'm too liberal for that.
It's just on occasions I spring clean and you might get swept away.
hippnk hippnk
46-50, M
Dec 7, 2012