Enter At Your Own Risk...(Read This Before You Add Me)

    Before you add me to your circle...enter at your own risk, stop and think real hard, what makes you want to be friends with me?....I may have that pretty face, but there is so much more to that pretty little face, I am no princess by any means, at least not the kind your looking for...I don't write betty crocker and sweet home makers stories...for my stories are way out there, right off the cuff, some may even make you blush, while some may just make you run, some just might make you mad...I write what comes to mind, hard and heavy...some like it, some don't...but judge me not for what you read...do not come to my page with your comments of disapproval, for this is my little world and if you do not like it, then get the hell out.....
  I am a hard edged Scorpio woman, hard edged in general, I am opinionated, but respectful of others opinions indeed, until I am forced not to be...I am and can be quite the Biotch, do not put with the BS...I stand my ground well, defend the fullest...I am a very intense person, passively aggressive, but with an easy going side, till that is taken away, then the tail will come up and strike when forced...
  I am a good friend, be there when I can...but do not come to me with false pretenses...I want my friends real, be you, or we will not get along, I am as real as I can get on here, some people do not like, do not care, I say it as it is, even say things some are too scared to say...again be you...fakeness does not work here, such as men using female avatars? what is with that? cannot use the proper avatar? hmm that makes me wonder... I do not pretend to be something I am not, and expect the same back, if you cannot do this....then turn away now...do not click that little "Add Me" if you think you have something to prove, or your thinking to sex chat me up after reading my stories, sorry so not into that.... my heart belongs to another..and my stories are for all to have fun with, try them out with that favorite little someone, spark up the marriage, relationship but just not with me...so just be you, simply you...I judge not...decieve me, betray me you are gone, have an issue...come and talk to me, I do not play games, it is either black or white...there is no grey....
  So add me if you think your ready to enter my little world, but be warned, this is not the betty crockers club...I am fun...I am sassy, I am out going and very out spoken, I just say it like it is, no sugar coating here....how can one have any friendships if they are built on a fake foundation?
  So enter at your own risk, love to meet you :)
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26 Responses Jan 6, 2013

Plain talking, honest and true. Is there any other way ....


I have always been outspoken and drawn to others who are.

Yes we Canadians rock

enjoy the honesty as much as I enjoy your stories..thank you

I do look forward to taking a few minutes and reading these stories =)

I enter your domain, eager to know more, that is how we progress and adapt (and make friends that we can trust, and encourage).

Tell me more

Betty Crockers Club..............lol, I love it

OK I'll go for it, I'm not there for anything else just to tell my stories and get other people's opinions on some of the strange stuff that has happened to me over the years. Do not for get my confessions...good ones there too. Please do post you opinons when you have time.....I will do the same after reading all your stories.

Well all is good then.....I am definitely not here to go to chat rooms...But I hope you don,t mind me mentioning that I get the same thing, but from loads of 'trannies'...they seem to have hi-jacked EP??? anyone agree.?? And back to my stories, please read and respond, I do not mind opinions....honestly some of the things that have happened are unusual in the general stream of things.
Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

Love it!!! Would you please add me..

Well written!!

I love you lol

YOU are someone I'd like in my life.

I understand...and agree. Just as I am a married man, who likes to be erotic and playful at times, but will never stray from my wife (though there are difficulties in the relationship).

I like sassy babes. The ones that I've known made me smile...and laugh...and think.

i did !.....love it

You must be my sister.

I agree, interested in knowing you. Please add me :)

Thank you

sounds all good to me , as a matter of fact ,>>thinks your pretty dammm cool :) lol so on that note , can u add me pleaseee ??

Hm I have to think about entering. Have me ready to run away :(

I agree on what you wrote that is so true, there is so many undenial,fake, people trying to be someone else.

I should have added you when we were discussing the death penalty last month. It was an oversight. It looks like you have more stories that I will ever be able to read but I will start today to read as many as I can.

That was really cool, I'll be a buddy.

So you are an intellegent woman who is not afraid to speak your mind. Sounds good to me. And I think you have an attractive face.

I am a lot like you. Please add me. You sound like someone that can write a great story.

You know what the one flaw about this group is?That sadly 90% of epers will never read these post and 50% of those who do will feel they are an exception!

Its just that it seems only we Members of this group ever rely care about our wishes and the non members who do bother to read Our post seem to think they are the one exception that awe might make.

Saw Your profile.Nope! Betty Crocker You aint!Then aint she soooo over rated?(We all know she has secrets).

I rather like all Your post.

mmmmm,I must see Your profile!

I love your straight forward! It's nice to meet you!

perfect, I`m in.