About Us

We are a couple living in Thailand. I am Thai and Tommy is British. We have been married for 15 years.
We are on E.P. for fun.
We have no intention of actually meeting anyone.
We do enjoy messaging on E.P. as a little fantasising is great for a relationship.
If you add us expecting to see full nude photos you will be disappointed.
I may let Tommy show some in the future but it will be when I feel comfortable with it.
Don't ask us to cam, skype or send you photos. The answer will be no.
I am submissive with Tommy but I am certainly not looking for anyone.
Please do not post on our whiteboard "add me ****" or messages of that type. You can be sure they will not get you an add.
Yes I love to hear that guys find me desirable and like to hear what they would like to do to me but I will never **** another guy.
If you are a lady I would also love to hear from you if you are bi.
maithaiwife maithaiwife
36-40, F
6 Responses Jan 9, 2013

Sounds like a great way for you two to have some fun together fantasizing while reading all the stories and messages to you. I hope to join your on line fun

Very clear well done. I adore Thai massage given by Thai women they are just perfect!!

I think you're totaly right with this. Respect is for me the golden rule.

sounds legit.

My "daddy" husband and I love to chat with other couples. I am completely his submissive and I hate when men think that means I want to be submissive to them. I love and obey my man not anyone elses. We like to fantasize about doing stuff with others but it's just that fantasy. I have not posted any pics because I am not comfortable with my chubby body being put on display right now. Daddy is working with me to help me feel more comfortable with it but no pics til I am ready. I feel you and I have a lot in common and hope you add me as a friend

You are right I think we do have things in common. I understand how you feel about your photos it took Tommy a while to convince me to post any photos at all. Saying that you should not worry about being chubby. Lots of guys including my man love to look and know that they are seeing a real person on here. Check out how many profiles have 'wives' taken straight from **** websites.

I wish more people were this honest!! I like a person that isn't afraid to say it straight!