Please Read Before You Add Me!

I am so tired of people who add me just so they can have more friends. Anyone can fan me. But If you want to be friends and see my ADULT pics then you need to send me a message saying why I should add you. It does not need to be complicated, just Keep It Simple! If you like my stories, my pics, wanna chat, just tell me. If you don't have pics and at least 1 story please add them. I like to know the people I'm adding.

FROM NOW ON...... if you do not message me I will NOT ADD YOU!!!!!!

I have simple rules I EXPECT EVERYONE to fallow!

1. Be nice to everyone, my friends are important to me.
2. No means No! If me or one of my friends say no then drop it.
3. No one is forcing you to be my friend if you don't like something then don't add me.
4. I am me and I will be me, what you think does not matter (unless I ask you of course)
5. I don't do phone sex so don't ask!
6. I don't have Skype so don't ask!

Have a great day and hope we can be great friends
AngelAndDemon AngelAndDemon
20 Responses Jan 11, 2013

I enjoy all the stories you post. Thx

I am new to EP and have really enjoyed your stories. I also respect your rules for not just adding random people. With that said would you mind adding me as well?

Like your stories and blog... There's enough pics on here that I'm pretty much numb to pics anymore even though once in a while I find one that is unique... I have a few stories and pics... Of you check my profile and find me interesting please add me... Thanks Ben

Ben your already my friend!

Please add me I like your stories and am a newbie to EP I will add photos and stories as I get more involved. Cascadeboy

interesting profile still reading I have respect for all single parents its hard enough for 2 parents dont think I could have managed on my own.


Please add me, you have some really cool stories, and I'd love to see your pics

Add me please maybe we can give each other some other ideas


What you ask isn't to hard to handle anybody who can't except it shouldn't be asking you to be friends. We do share somethings in common and pregnant woman i find erotically sexy. If your interested in being friends please check out my profile before adding me. I do not like pressuring people into being my friend if they don't want to be.

Please add us. We don't write stories but have sexy pics to share, and we'd like to see your pics. Thanks.

Added ;-)

sounds fair enough

hi devil cow you seem very popular on here and reading your profile i now understand why.
ive only joined ep recently but am becoming more active and hope to post more stories very shortly. right now im just looking to talk to people with similar interests as myself judging from the groups you belong to we have a few. so add me if you want up to you

Added you :-)

thanks :-)

No problem sweety!

I just joined EP today, so I don't know much about how to use it. You are my first "Add". Why? We share the pregnancy fetish. All my life I have been just plain crazy about pregnant women. I could only talk my wife (now my ex-wife) into three kids and I miss it so much. Truth is, though, she didn't enjoy it very much, so I felt a little cheated.

I am a guy, so I'd love to hear about it from the point of view of a woman hungry to get pregnant and determined to enjoy it.

So tell me, how is it going? Have you managed to get pregnant again?

Not yet.... Long story, will add later.

Cowgurl, I really like your attitude and couldn't agree more. I do see that you and I share 52 groups, so that's interesting. Me, older guy, and I see you belong to YoungGirlsWhoLikeOlderMen. I also see you're in some of the ************ groups, watching or being watched. And many more more I could name, but you can check my profile for that. I have some stories I'd like some comments on also. So add me if you like, let me know you did, and we'll chat sometime. Thanks!! Oh, and I do have a pic I'll send you, I just don't post it on here. Privacy concerns, I have to be VERY careful about that.

Added ;-)

tell me one good reason why I should not add you..?

Can't find one lol

i am reformed cheater, i am a devoted husband and provider now..but i still enjoy other people `s experiences and pictures

Very well put and upfront. I have read some of your stories and enjoyed them. I send you an add request and hope that maybe you will add me. I hope you are well and have a great say.

I like the whole package!

I would like to be friends. I have pics and stories and would live to see and read yours. I never cause trouble and I'm good for advice. And I already have a wife and girlfriend (they know about each other and are friends) so I ain't breaking anybody up anyway.

message me some time :)

You have a really interesting profile - and I would love to be friends - have a look at my profile- see what you think. Mark. Xx

I'm totally on the same page with you. I think you'd make a good friend.