Why I Should Add You To My Circle

Ok there are lots of people on here adding each other... I do it but only after I message some one. I hope they add me and we talk more and share similar things.

So in order for me to add you, you need to have the following....
1. Similar number of group interest
2. Have written at least 2 stories so that i can know who you are first
3. Must send a message before adding me
4. If i dont add it is because you did not pay attention to this and dont cry or complain about it.

So with that being said I hope to add more new friends and have plenty of good conversations.
Talk to you when i talk to you. Good luck and have fun....
ricoest37 ricoest37
31-35, M
1 Response Jan 12, 2013

Good to have something in common and be able to have conversation...:)

thanks. it helps to know the person and see if you will have many other conversations or just one.

It is easy to have one conversation or comment a few times. But if two people can continue having conversation and not get bored, that's important.

yes i agree