What Not To Do

 Do Not Add Me To Your Circle If You..........

1. Cannot respect the fact that I am a Christian and believe in Jesus.
I know that not everyone believes that Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior of all and some even believe in other religions or don't believe at all. But I am not into religious discrimination, so I ask you to be just as kind to me. I will not shove my beliefs down your throat or attack you for your beliefs, so please don't shove your beliefs down my throat or attack me for my beliefs.

2. Get sadistic pleasure out of males and females getting abused.
I was abused sexually and physically every day for seven months by two men. I neither had my first kiss nor any romantic experience, romantic date or boyfriend off the Internet before then or after that time. I didn't want those horrors. But I have had the privilege of being able to come on Experience Project to share what happened to me, and it opened the door to perverts contacting me and wanting to know more. Those times were horrific, not fun. So I do not wish to seek acquaintances with men or women who revel and glory in such hateful activities to the human body.

3. Don't respect me enough to maintain a civilized vocabulary of human nature with me and about me.
If you wish to talk with profanities, vulgarities or slanderous statements, please do so at your own time with others who don't mind it. I mind it very much. I am not judgmental. I was born extremely sensitive to a lot of things and stress is very bad for me and causes very bad ailments and pains. So if you wish to be in my world, even as an acquaintance, please don't curse, talk dirty about or to, or intentionally slander or sabotage me.

4. Expect me to just sit here twiddling my thumbs waiting for your very existence to hit me up with a texted chat, email, etc.
I am very friendly and have been described as possibly the world's friendliest and one of the happiest persons by others younger and older. But I feel crowded if someone always wants to talk to me. I don't always feel like talking. It doesn't mean I'm anti-social. It just means I want some me time. I can be the biggest chatterbox with people if I feel like it, but I still won't say much. I don't do it to keep people away. I just am like that.

5. Hate kids.
I love kids and to me, no matter how old you are, you are still a kid in your parents' eyes and in the eyes of people who came before you. And you used to be little. So to say you hate kids to me is a reflection of "I hate me" and I would rather you just admit it than lump everyone together, unless maybe you just hate humanity - even though you are a human being.

6. View Experience Project as a dating site
I didn't come to Experience Project to be wooed by someone. My heart is spoken for and I make it very clear on my profile that I am not here to date. I don't want to cheat on my heart, so I won't be friends with anyone who tries to override what's in my heart. And I am no one's romantic conquest. My heart is not a toy.

7. Have hatred or malice in your heart for those who are physically disabled, mentally disabled, mentally ill or physically ill.
I don't have any medical or mental illnesses, diseases or sicknesses according to numerous tests to this day. I was born with half a brain and am a living defiance of what the medical worlds and scientific worlds have stated should be my reality. I have some physical disabilities that are serious but they are invisible to the naked eye unless you hang out with me in such times when I need help. Any other time, I can fool you into thinking I am just as able-bodied as anyone with no physical disabilities. I don't have the brain that has logical thinking and motor skills. I have the brain that has artistic abilities and emotional thinking. I went to regular schools, not special ed, and have many artistic and special gifts. I am very sensitive to alot of things and am a deep thinker.

I was shattered but remain unbroken. I was born with broken wings but with love, I can fly high into the sky. Take the chance to learn from what you don't know instead of remaining stuck in your ignorance. If your heart is not open to learning, you can't learn the lesson. Hope is alive and with that, love can strive, but it can't happen without you and I.

I have friends who have mental illnesses but you wouldn't see the lovelies inside of them if you stopped at their limitations. I have friends who have medical conditions but you wouldn't see the sparkles in their eyes if you refuse to look beyond their medical charts.

We all have some kind of limit that binds us. For some it is noticeable while for some it is invisible. For some, it is medical from birth or life. For some, it is academic. For some, it is corporate. For some, it is mental. For some, it is social. For some, it is emotional. For some, it is verbal. For some, it is physical. For some, it is religious or cultural. The list goes on. We all have limits. So really, there is no need to discriminate against differences.

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5 Responses Jan 12, 2013

you write beautifully. I'm so sorry that you were abused. i was abused myself. My fiance says to me, when I feel sad about all of my health issues and that I feel broken, he says that I'm not broken, but bruised. My faith has kept me going as well. Do you think you could message me and we could chat? God bless. Hug hug

Here here! Reading this sort of thing makes it a LOT less painful to sit for a fe hours hooked up to all this equipment. Thank you so much for sharing this!

:) *hug*

::hugs back:: I'm a believer also. I appreciate what you said. Am looking forward to perhaps learning more of you.

neato. whenever you are able to, no rush.

Thanks for this story.


Nice list you have. I like #7, but the rest are great of course.

thanks :)

I really love what you wrote. Thank you for sharing!

thanks :)