Makin' Friends - Maybe

1) I joined this site looking for people to talk too, people who can actually be my friends.

2) I am asexual and not interested in romance. Friendship. ONLY.

3) I don't like to give out my personal information. You'll be given a fake name and location, and you'll like it! I like anonymity.

4) I'm depressed right now. I used to be a lot of fun. Had a good sense of humor...Now I'm not sure. But you will probably see stories where I discuss my sadness. I'm not looking for handouts or pity, I just need to vent. So if you don't want to deal with that you probably shouldn't add me.

5) That being said, I'm not always a downer. I enjoy intelligent discussion on a variety of topics.

6) And I enjoy cats.

7) Don't judge me before you know me.

8) I will read your profile before I add you. I only add people I think I could be friends with.

9) My sense of humor isn't for everyone. For me, nothing is off limits for a joke. That being said, I do try to respect people. If you ask me not do joke about something I won't joke about it (with you) anymore.

10) Here are some random facts. I am christian. I support gay marriage. I have a college degree. I love philosophy and psychology. I come off as a little harsh/cold, or so  I've been told. But really, I am a very kind person who isn't used to socializing. I am pretty asocial. Sorreh.

WhateverFace WhateverFace
2 Responses Jan 14, 2013

hey if you cant take people as they are what kind of a friend is that? i mean really people lighten up life is the greatest joke of you are different arent we all? i mean heck i wear womens undies but so what.i think we could be great friends even though we are different ages and different lifestyles and all.but thats what makes life so interesting.and for everyone we befriend that is just another life story we get to enjoy.if you want add me and prepare for a great adventure in life.

I don't like what you wrote. so don't add me.