Why I Will And Will Not Add You

Ok, so ive been here since October, and didn't get a single add from anyone. That is until i posted my picture and then all of a sudden, i am the most popular girl on here. So, with that being said, here are a few rules on why i will add you.

1.Respect. Respect me and i will respect you. That means no sex chat, no pervy pics, no blank pics, yes i do understand that some of you may not be able to post a picture of yourself, I am not that pretty either so your in good company with me:) but plse have some sort of picture so i can get some sort of idea of what you are like.

2. Loyalty. I believe this to be the most important trait in someone. I believe in defending your friends, whether they are right or wrong.

3.Kindness. be kind to one another even if you cant stand someone in my circle avoid each other then.

4. Talking. That means talking to me when you can. I am not a attention ***** so i don't that much:) but a kind hello or hey or something along that line would be ok by me:)

why i will NOT add you.

1.Rude. i will not add someone that says add me or hey add me. Dont demand something from me you want me to add you show me why you want me to add you. My Grandma always told me: Child a kind word and smile will get u far in life so a please and thank you is a good start:)

2. Drama. I will not tolerate among circle members. If there is a issue between members talk to each other if you cant work it out then i will try and help you. If its apparent that you and them will never see eye to eye, Then i will kindly ask you to leave my circle, if that doesn't work i will remove you myself.

3.Sex. Not here for that what so ever. That's when you get to meet my best friend Mr. Block. I am a little kinder than him. So plse don't make me use it

4. Friend collector. I have very few friends in life and the ones i meet on here are very important to me, but if your just gonna add me then let me set on the bench plse don't add me for that.

5. Personal. This one has already been broken by someone on here. My personal life is my personal life. So no number no email adress home adress or anything of that nature. If you wanna know me thats ok but understand there is a limit to how much i will tell you.

so those are the rules or request i make to you. I am a sweet person to get to know, and i will always talk to someone if THEY meet these request. But i will also be a ***** when needed. If i sound interesting to you plse add me if not move along plse there are more interesting people out there. Also if you do add me after a week if i havent added you back, PLSE remove me, as i don't want to lead anyone on.
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9 Responses Jan 14, 2013

hi :) Id like to talk but for some reason can't message you?

The picture thing is really common. Sorry that happened to you though, it was the same with me when I first started.

LOL - Mr. Block. :-)

hahaha . so bad they add you only because they see you are pretty xD . it must be tough being someone looked only for that . gladly this is EP and not something like FB

you get that first look anyways =P . hmmm i am sure they only see she is pretty xD . ( theres a lot of nice girls without a profile pic in EP :) )

I do like how blunt you are, it's truly brilliant.

Well said dear and it's funny that ain't it? People will all of a sudden want to e friends once they see a picture. This isn't a dating site so it shouldn't matter. I'm sorry people are so full of rubbish. Also I read your comment on someone's story... I just wanted to say I'm sorry to hear about your condition and how you was treated but bravo for keeping strong!


I would like to be friends. why? I find you interesting and I don't have many friends. I understand and respect your rules however I can't send any pics of myself but I can describe myself if that's enough. Would you like to be friends? I hope you have a great day. PS: you posted this on Jan 14 which is my special day (not my B-day btw) :P

Totally makes sense! :)

No sex? Now I'm disappointed...

Joking, I'm not here for sex lol. I think this sounds pretty reasonable, especially compared to what I've seen some women say.

well i was trying to be nice and respectful

Yeah your post is pretty nice and respectable. I probably won't add you myself since I'm just not on here a lot and I'm bad at thinking of things to talk about anyway, but if someone can't follow these rules then they aren't worth adding. =x

thank u:)